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Nicolas Sarkozy Nicolas Sarkozy


Why the 2017 French Presidential Election will be Won in the First Round

Predicting the outcome of 2017’s French election will be like playing Russian roulette: you ignore the outcome and it could get messy. It will potentially be one of the closest elections ever seen under the Fifth Republic. Until the second round of the election...


Economics and Politics

Grexit could be more dangerous for EU than for Greece

The term Grexit was recently created to describe Greece’s potential exit from the European Union due to its catastrophic economic state. And you could be hearing a lot of it in the coming months. In what are desperate times for the country, as time goes on, their place in the EU is looking increasingly in jeopardy. But with Greece’s exit causing grave consequences on the national scale, it could also prove disastrous for the other EU member states.

Sunchairs on sand Sunchairs on sand


Almost on holiday: 5 tips for a perfect summer

Holiday time! Whether you are about to fly to the other side of the world or you are staying in the UK, some things are simply "must have" if you want to be ready to enjoy a perfect summer. Five beauty, fashion and leisure tips to really enjoy the best holiday ever!