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Guillaume Canet Guillaume Canet


Guillaume Canet - "I have never considered myself as an actor"

« So, how is Guillaume Canet in real life? » We met him just before the premiere of Next time I’ll aim for the heart in London. He told us about this role that particularly marked him.

Nolan Peterson Nolan Peterson


Paris sues Fox News over its delirium about the “no go zones” in Europe

Fox News, the largest news channel in the US and part of the News Corporation Group, asked their “experts” on France and the UK for help, to talk about the terrorist attacks in France, The result was a wave of stories about the existence of “NO GO ZONES" in France and in the UK, where the police and non-Muslims fear to tread; simply brilliant. Anne Hidalgo, the Paris Mayor, decided to sue the American channel over conveying an “insulting” false image of Paris. Let’s explain – in their words – what these “NO GO ZONES” they talked so much about on Fox News are.



Return of military service in France?

According to an Ifop poll, that is what 80% of French people would want. “Suspended” in 1996 by Jacques Chirac, national service is now back on the agenda, against the background of the recent Paris attacks.