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Foodie Corner

The Brioche de Noel Pasquier arrives in London at last

In this festive season, there will be many food options to enjoy around the table but none like the Brioche de Noël. For some this product is known and a regular occurrence in households and for others this will be a new, interesting addition to their Christmas celebrations. The ring shape of the Brioche de Noël refers to the original name in French - ‘Couronne des Rois’- which translates to ‘Crown of Kings’. The Brioche de Noël brings a Provencal tradition to the UK. This tradition is filled with a series of elements that help create a fun family dessert. The tradition starts with inserting a charm* into the Brioche de Noël as for the Galette des Rois. The brioche is then sliced and the youngest member of the family is asked to go under the table to delegate portions to each family member

Child's Feet Child's Feet

Children and Teenagers

How to avoid foot problems in children

As children get closer to adolescence, their feet can often be neglected. Parents often find it difficult to know whether signs or symptoms affecting their feet are temporary or could raise more serious issues. Badly cut toenails or ill-fitting shoes do not seem that dramatic, but the damage caused can be quite considerable.

Charles Aznavour Charles Aznavour


Charles Aznavour at the Royal Albert Hall

Following his sell-out shows here in 2013, 2014 and 2015, legendary singer-songwriter Charles Aznavour returns once more to become the oldest artist to ever headline the Royal Albert Hall. The French chanson star is considered to be one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time and enjoyed major success in the UK with his No.1 single She, which featured in the blockbuster film Notting Hill. He has had further hits with The Old Fashioned Way and Yesterday When I Was Young.