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Remember remember, the fifth of November...

Get ready to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night! Firework displays, bonfires, “a penny for the guy”; many festivities to remember 5 November 1605 night, when the Palace of Westminster was almost reduced to ashes. It happened four centuries ago…

Le "pied de nez" de M. Valls Le "pied de nez" de M. Valls


Two French Nobel prize winners in 2014 « thumb their nose at French bashing »

Patrick Modiano for Literature, Jean Tirole for Economics... Two Nobel prizes in 2014, not bad for a country that is "finished" ! The Prime Minister Manuel Valls told the press: “pied-de-nez au French bashing” (a way to thumb one’s nose at French bashing).



The new faces of French Cinema: eight actresses to keep your eye on

Some are at the very beginning of a promising career, others already have a number of stunning films under their belt… We have identified eight French actresses that stand out from the crowd for their talent and sudden arrival on the silver screens. They all incarnate the new faces of French cinema, its succession and its future: Marine Vacth, Lou de Laâge, Alice Isaaz, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Adèle Haenel, Mélanie Bernier, Pauline Burlet and Ana Girardot.