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The Braille Legacy The Braille Legacy


The Braille Legacy: world première of a major new musical inspired by the story of Louis Braille

The Braille Legacy tells the thrilling, true, inspirational and epic story of Louis Braille, a young blind boy who wanted the same chance in life as those who see and ended up improving the lives of millions of blind people around the world. In Paris in the 19th century, blind people were victims of profound discrimination. Louis Braille, a bright young mind with a mad dream, arrives at the Royal Institute of Blind Youth, searching for the same chance as everyone else: to be free and independent. But he soon discovers that people and things aren’t always what they first seem. By sheer determination and courage, he stumbles upon something revolutionary: a simple idea, a genius invention, a legacy.


Casting for TV programme


Are you Multilingual? French or have French heritage? Living in the UK? A new BBC Living history series is seeking men and women to undertake secret agent training They are looking for MEN & WOMEN (18+) who want to immerse themselves in one of history's toughest training regimes.


Mother's Day

Some mothers do have them!

If there is one thing that I have learnt over the years it is that what we cherish the most is often what we take for granted. Our mother’s love is one of those things. Can we begin to imagine that our mother would no longer love us simply because we had not told her that we loved her? And yet, does she not deserve it? When was the last time that you took the time to see your mother and tell her that you loved her?