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Fireworks in Paris

Parades, economics and fireworks : what happened on French National Day

By Etienne Bennequin

As everybody was waiting for the Bastille Day Ball on Wednesday night at the Hurlingham Club, France celebrated on Monday the National Day and started the commemoration of the beginning of the WW1 a hundred years ago.

Several regiments of the French infantry were indeed dressed like the Poilus (the French soldiers in the first war) while they were walking down the Champs-Elysees as a part of the huge military parade that takes place every 14 July and was attended this year by diplomats of the 80 nations which fighted in the War. Some far right activists booed the President of the French Republic as he was reviewing his troops but were arrested before they could pass the security and disturb the ceremony. They were asking for President Hollande’s resignation and protesting against the presence of Algerian and Vietnamiese soldiers in the parade – who were invited to honour the help of the french colonies during the war.

Following the army, the air force took charge of the show. Airmen impressed the assistance with aerian tricks with blue, white and red smoke. Then one could admire the parade of fireman - who were very proud and serious even if they had certainly partied very hard at the Firemen Ball the night before – and see 55-tons tank crushing the Champs-Elysees. Afterall youths from both of the 80 invited stades closed the ceremony by releasing white doves to celebrate the peace.

A few hours later, François Hollande gave an interview to French television like every 14 July and said he wanted to pursue his liberal policy, using concepts like “cost of work“ and promising that he would keep decreasing contributions payed by companies. He also reminded his attachment to the vote of foreign people in municipal elections but said that it would be difficult to unify the necessary 3/5 of Parliament.

The National Day ended with the traditionnals firework everywhere in the country. The most impressive was with no doubt the one in Paris. This interpretation of the theme “war and piece“ subjugated lucky Parisians and tourist who could attend it : Paris spent a lot of money for this, and spent it really well, using varations in tempo, colours and in the music which was absolutely breathtaking. We are inviting you to discover this amazing firework here.


03/08/2014 - emma.hnue said :

French National Day and a few surprises are brought, everything can be confirmed and viewed realistically.


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