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Fundraising to renovate the Children’s library at the French Institute

By Marie Decreme

A cocktail designed to raise funds for the renovation of the Children’s library was organised to raise funds for the children's library. It is an amazing project and its challenge is to turn the present library into a modern space, perfectly suited for children of the 21st Century. In other words, it will double the existing surface; create two levels, two places where children will be able to learn and discover  for the kids aged 3-7 and one for children aged 8-12 will be given a total upgrade to include new digital tools.

The objective of the event was to draw attention to this new initiative and to raise financial supports. Sylvie Bermann, French ambassador to the UK was there to present the idea; she invited parents from different French schools in London to get involved in this renovation of the Children’s library and to join forces and  promote French culture.

It is true that this project is important. Do you know for instance how many pupils come to the French institute after school, and devour comic books, novels, magazines? These kids are spending hours in the reading room… and they are our future ambassadors of French language.

Children's library

The Institute and its Trust have to raise £600,000 altogether to finance the construction which is announced for the spring of 2015. Up until now, they are still short of £100,000. That is why they call for online donations. Each contribution, even the smallest one, matters. Get involve and support the renovation of the Children’s library!


02/12/2015 - rimo.fanne said :

Thank you for this great site, really variegated good and interesting ideas. Especially keep it up. Good luck

03/03/2015 - jacobsh said :

Hello. I am would like to offer you my bilingual children's books as a potential fundraising tool. The books are written in French/English, but they're NOT translated - each character speaks to the reader in his or her own language, much the way kids experience their own bilingual lives. To see how it works, I invite you to look at You can also see the books at Foyles in London (and Shakespeare & Co. in Paris).

As a fundraising tool, I can offer you the books for €5,00 - and you could sell them for €9,95. The books are doing very well in Quebec, a place whre bilingualism is a way of life for most people. They appreciate that the books reflect the way their kids are growing up - i.e., no translations - just dive right in! Thanks for your consideration., Hennie Jacobs, author.


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