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Ello les Anglos

Luce Perfetta: "Ello les Anglos !" ("Ello, Anglos!")


Luce was 13 when she first set a foot in the UK. Her mother had sent her for a language exchange in a family near Leicester, where her main occupation was to pick up horse droppings, surrounded by a gang of teasing teenagers. But this unpleasant experience did not stop Luce from coming back, a few years later, to study at the London School of Economics. And this is when she fell in love with the "Anglos". 

In "Ello les Anglos", Luce aims at showing why getting over your first impressions is important. She emphasises the opportunities offered by the Anglo-saxon system, the importance of speaking English and all the little things that make us love the "Anglos": their dating habits, the fact that they queue for bus, their scones,... The author paints a flattering and amusing portrait of the "Anglos", that will make you want to improve your English. 

Luce Perfetta, "Ello les Anglos - 12 bonnes raisons d'aimer les anglo-saxons", 

RRP. £6.00


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