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Les Franglaises

Les Franglaises, a bunch of hilarious and talented friends

By Justine Frétigné

Les Franglaises is composed of 16 friends (12 on stage and 4 backstage), who met 15 years ago in a theatre workshop. They built their show around the following question: “Do you really know what you’re singing?”. All of them are actors, singers, musicians and occasional dancers. We talked to Adrien Le Ray, one of the performers, before Les Franglaises’s first performance in London in April. The show is sold out on most of its dates, so don't miss it!

A tribute to Anglo-Saxon pop music

The principle is simple: the master of ceremonies invites the audience to guess the title of Anglo-Saxon songs when the lyrics are translated into French. The answers come flying and actors start playing the songs literally, with both humour and talent. The audience thus re-discovers the Anglo-Saxon pop classics and the lyrics take on a new dimension when sung in French and mimed with humour. 

The show is accessible to everyone

Adrien Le Ray
Adrien Le Ray

“The show has been designed for a French-speaking audience, since it is mostly based on plays on words. But the good music, the choregraphy and the comical situations can also please people who do not speak French”, explains Adrien. “And we are trying to find some nods to our British friends on our London dates”, he adds. “We also discovered that our humour amuses all generations: even if they don’t know the songs, children laugh at the gags”. The show has been built around the idea that if a scene makes the band laugh, it will probably make the audience laugh as well. 

A malleable project, in which all actors can move freely

The performers met through theatre but they all have different backgrounds and tastes. “Some of us have taken intensive classes of music, theatre or dance, others have taken part in various workshops or projects, and we put all our discoveries into the same melting pot”, explains Adrien. When talking to him, you really have the feeling that building a show with 15 friends is easy as ABC: “we all share our personal tastes with the rest of the group, then we improvise on the propositions and in the end we decide together what to keep for the show”, he explains.

The show is a perfect playground for them, as it allows them to explore various domains. “In fact, it is endlessly malleable”, notices Adrien. “In the future, we might venture into the possibilities offered by cinema, acrobatics or pyrotechnic”, he says enthusiastically.

Les Franglaises won the Molière for the best musical play in 2015. They will be performing at the Hippodrome Casino Theatre on 22 & 23 April, determined to amuse and make you laugh. More info here


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