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Le Petit Ballon
Food / Wine

Le Petit Ballon, a bottle is only a click away!

By Manon Variol

Have you ever been in the situation where you were thinking of buying a bottle of wine for a fancy dinner but could not decide which one would be best? Or maybe you have already tasted many wines and are looking for a new experience? Then, Le Petit Ballon is designed for you. All you have to do is click, click, click!

Le Petit Ballon's box of April
Le Petit Ballon's box of April

You may already know the online box monthly subscriptions to receive make up, jewellery or organic produces. With Le Petit Ballon, Martin, Jean-Michel and Matthieu are the first to propose a subscription to receive wine every month. A whole new way to taste great wines, which are generally served in luxury hotels. But, of course, always in moderation!

Jean-Michel Deluc was chef sommelier for the Ritz in Paris and worked for the famous Le Fouquet's. Feeling limited in this crystal cocoon, he decided to create Le Petit Ballon with Martin Ohanessian, to make people who cannot afford a Grand Cru discover wines from unknown but great winemakers. Red, white, rosé or even champagne, there is a wide choice. The bottles are always carefully selected, but without fuss! "Tasting is not an exact science" Jean-Michel Deluc confesses, "this is instinctive. To select two bottles, I will taste about 150 wines. When I drink, I say "This is good!" and I keep the bottle for the next box."

Jean-Michel Deluc - LE PETIT BALLON
Jean-Michel Deluc - LE PETIT BALLON

When asked about his preferences, the master sommelier's answer is full of simplicity: the most important in wine is not its colour or age, but the conditions in which you are drinking it. "A really simple wine in good compagny and with a great dinner, this can be fantastic!" he said, "Like a great wine would be disappointing if you do not drink it in good conditions." In summary, no need to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy a bottle.

In each box, you will find two bottles, based on your preferences, the Petit Ballon’s  magazine The Gazette explaining the ins and outs of wine, and hints on how to match your drink with a great dinner. All of this without commitment. To discover Le Petit Ballon and its creators, but also the last wine selections, you should go to one of their mensual aperetifs and enjoy an evening with a master sommelier.

The Apprentice Box is £24.90 per month and the Master Box is £39.30 per month. For further information, please visit their website.



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