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Benjamin Rancoule

Victory of a young French director

By Manon Variol

Benjamin Rancoule is a name you will be hearing a lot  more of in the not-too-distant future. Not well-known yet, this young talented director has great potential. Only a few weeks ago, he won a short film award in Monaco for Victoire, a film full of hope about a fight against cancer dedicated to his grandmother.

Thirty year-old Benjamin has already been recognised through industry awards. He started behind the camera when he was only a few years old and has not stopped since. He has never lost this passion and has gone as far as creating his own production company : 1986 Prod. Besides music making videos for famous French rappers, such as La Fouine and Youssoupha, he produces his own projects.

From the loss of loved ones to sacrifice, Benjamin's films deal with strong current emotional issues which have a knack of drawing tears out from the audience. "I don't need to go very far to find inspirationI simply observe the world around me", he says, "and I try to mix what is dear to my heart: injustice, a fascinating thing..."

L'affiche du dernier film de Benjamin Rancoule
The poster of Benjamin Rancoule's last film

He likes exploring death. This is something he finds captivating. "The aim of my films is to change the audience's perspective on life, even if it is only for the duration of the film", he explains. "I want them to face reality. We are mortals, so we must put things into perspective and focus on love and compassion."

One of his best achievements is Victoire, an 8-minute-long short film about the fight of a young man against lung cancer, which is personified by a woman. Benjamin made this into a highly emotional film depicting the significant role of relatives when our life becomes a tragedy. Victoire was a very personal project for Benjamin, who dedicated it to his grandmother Christiane. He plays Daniel, the main character. Even though it is a drama, Victoire is also a message of hope in the fight against cancer. The film is supported by the French League Against Cancer. It was nominated for 7 festivals and received the Best Short Film prize of the Charity Film Festival in Monaco.

His latest short film, Beauty, is darker. Filmed in France but entirely in English, the film questions the importance of beauty in our modern society. An angry photographer hates beautiful women as much as he loves them, and his models die one by one but no one knows who kills them. For this project, he chose to shoot the film in black and white to make it more dramatic. "My goal was to make every image look like a silver screen shot from the 30s. The audience does not know whether it is part of the story or a staging " Benjamin explains.

Beauty could be Benjamin's next Victory. You be the judge:


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