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Amadoria: when your jewellery makes you travel

By No author

Amadoria is an ethnic jewellery company based in London. The creative branch of the brand go all around the world looking for different forms of inspiration, and works with the best artisans to make its very own original pieces all handmade. Crystals, seed beads as well as pendants are added to Amadoria’s pieces to give them a colourful and bright style. Amadoria offers women unique and versatile jewellery that adapts easily to whatever you wear. For their clients, their jewellery is “filled with charm and make you travel a bit because they come from distant lands”.
Until recently, the brand Amadoria was mostly known for their colourful tassels handmade by Balinese artisans. This year however they also have another concept that is very successful, the “Tailored Necklace”, which gives everybody a unique experience : to customise their own necklace. With a range of chains, charms and tassels, you can create and adjust products to fit your whims, as you can see from the picture below. Furthermore, you can change the style of your necklace each day by taking off one of the chain, by changing the tassels or even wearing it as a bracelet.


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