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New - Separation / Divorce find a mediator to help you reach an agreement

By Géraldine Babeau


Family mediation allows couples going through the process of separation, or who are already separated or divorced, to reach an agreement on the consequences of their separation.
Based on a voluntary approach from the participants, it gives the time needed for each party to reflect and find the best way to come to terms with the separation. Through process, people in conflict can reach lasting and equitable agreements by themselves. If they so wish, these agreements may be approved by the Family Court in France.

Many French people living in England have begun legal divorce proceedings in France. It is now possible to seek assistance from a French family mediator in London to reach agreements on one or more questions submitted to the judge and to speed up the procedure initiated in France.

Outside legal proceedings, it is also possible to use family mediation to find a way to agree on the terms of the separation.

Whatever the reason for their visit, the participants in the mediation decide themselves on the topics to be addressed. For example, in a separation, everything about the children (their residence, parental authority, financial contribution) may be dealt with, but also matters about dividing up assets (such as sharing of assets, or compensatory allowance).
From a practical point of view, each session lasts between 1h30 to 2h. The number of sessions depends on the issues to be covered.
Sessions are paid for by each participant. The amount paid depends on their income.

Who is the family mediator?
The family mediator is a qualified professional, a state graduate who follows a code of ethics and guarantees the confidentiality of the subjects discussed. The mediator is impartial and independent, including from the judiciary.

Géraldine Babeau
French Family Mediator in London
Tel. 077 3002 4944


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