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Dany Boon in London

By Patricia Connell

What's the verdic?

Just under two thousand tickets must- have been sold but the auditorium was not nearly as packed as for Gad Elmaleh.  Yet on arrival, there was a buzz. The crowd was really anticipating a repeat of the great night they had only a few months ago.

Of course, as most of you know, Dany Boon is from the North. He is what the French would call a ‘chtimi’. It was no surprise therefore to hear him break into Flemish during the course of the evening.


When I started asking around what people thought of his performance most described it as having some well-written parts such as the K-way sketch but that on the whole it was very aggressive and rough. I haven’t managed to speak to any one who was raving about the evening they just had. Some who had booked their tickets back in October when they went on sale felt slightly cheated. This is not what they had expected it would be.


So what’s the verdict? On the whole his performance was rather disappointing. Although at times, there was some glimmer of genius. Dany Boon is a very impressive actor as we have discovered in films such as 'Joyeux Noel' ou encore 'Mon meilleur ami' (my best friend) with Daniel Auteuil but finds it impossible to hold a stage for 2 hours without breaking into vulgarity.


He was very good however at promoting his next film and his play…

Will we see him again in London other than at the movies?


22/05/2011 - this-is-a-kiwi said :

vous etes nul


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