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Two Recipes Special Fitness by Picard Frozen Food

By Picard Frozen Food

Special Fitness Recipes

Artichoke Guacamole with Orange (express recipe for microwave)

Serves 6 (approx.70 calories/person)
No defrosting required
Preparation: 10mn
Cooking Time: 12mn.


From Picard : 300g of artichoke bottoms, 3 tablespoons coriander, Juice from 2 blood oranges
From your local deli. or supermarket: 5 to 10g Gacamole spices, 2 tablespoons olive oil

Place the artichoke bottoms in a dish and add ½ glass of water. Cover and cook for 12 mn on 750 Watts. Mix the artichokes with the cooking juice, the orange juice and the coriander. Add the olive oil and stear well. Serve chilled with thick raw vegetable strips such as carrots, courgettes, celery and cauliflower florets.


Prawn Tartar with Ginger

Serves 4 (approx. 95 calories/person)

Defrosting : prawns for 6 hours in the fridge
Preparation : 10 mn.

No cooking required

From Picard: 250g peeled prawn tails, 1 tablespoon chives, ½ puréed ginger
From your local deli. or supermarket: 1 tablespoon Nuoc-Mâm, 1 lemon juice, ½ teaspoon brown sugar, ½ tablespoon sesame oil.

Remove the prawn tails and mince the prawns in small pieces. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl except the chives. Add the prawns. Mix well. Put in the fridge and leave to rest for 15mn. (not more or the prawns will be cooked). Fold the chives into the mix just before serving.


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