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Expatriates: What are the formalities when you return to France?

By Berlioz Deborah

Homesickness, a better job in France, the fall of the pound… There are many reasons that could motivate expatriates to go back home, even if they love the UK. If this is the case for you, you probably have many quesou would like to ask: What do I have to do to get my French social security back? How can I transfer my pension? What forms do I need to get before setting off? What a puzzle!

Who should you speak to?

To get all the European forms (E106 for example) you will have to ask the: Department of Social Security (DSS), Overseas Branch.

Adress: Longbenton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE98 1YX

Tel: Switchboard: 0191 213 5000

For the E301: 0845 915 4811 or 

For the E106, E104: 0191 218 1999

For the European medical card: contact the Medical Benefit Department at 0845 606 2030

Warning: you won't receive any of these forms before six or eight weeks after your request. So do not leave it till the last minute! 


Social Security

What you need to do before going back to France depends on your situation in the UK.

   -    If you were unemployed and entitled to UK unemployment benefit: You can benefit from the French social security for up to three months thanks to the E119 form.

   -    If you were working in the UK and you still do not have a job in France: You will need your European medical card and the E106 form. Thanks to the European medical card, you will be covered for any emergency care between your return date and your registration with the French Social Security. The E106 form entitles you to be covered for every medical care, not only emergencies.

   -    If you could not get the E106 form and you do not have the possibility of working again soon, you have different options:

         • you can contribute to the French Social Security ( search information about the different rates)

         • you can ask to be associated to the Social Security of the person you have been living with for at least one year

         • in extreme cases you can claim medical help (aide médicale) in France ( ask the social department of your town hall)

-    You were working in the UK and are going to have a new job straight away in France: Ask for the E104 form, which will help you to get your rights to the social security back very quickly.

-    You are retired: If you benefit from a French pension, you are automatically entitled to the French Social Security. If you get a British pension, you will need the E121 form, which will entitle you to a medical cover in France.

-    You are non-worker: A family coming back to France but whose father (chef de famille…) stays to work in the UK will have to get the E109 form to benefit from medical insurance in France. If the father gets a pension in the UK, an E122 form is required.

Warning: You have to present these forms to the Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie on which you depend (because of your place of residence)



The E301 form relates your contribution periods to the British unemployment insurance (or benefits?). You’ll have to bring it to the ASSEDIC and they will examine your rights to unemployment benefits.

But you should know that, in order to get unemployment benefits in France, you have to work again for at least one year in this country.

The E303 form will allow you to transfer your Job Seeker’s Allowance in France for three months maximum.



European rules provide coordination between the different social security organisations for European pension rights. The age from when it is possible to claim benefits depends on the country in charge of settling the pension.

So, the State where you will claim your pension will calculate the amount to be paid according to:

   -    its legislation (national pension)

   -    by adding together all working periods in all the state members, and calculating proportionally with the time spent in the state (Proportional or communitarian pension)

Of course, the amount retained for the pension will be the most advantageous of the two pensions.

You have to work at least one year in the country in order that your working time in this country would be taken into account.

Important: Before leaving, you will have to ask the E205 form, which is the statement of your contributions to the British old age insurance (assurance vieillesse).



When you come back to France, a partial reimbursement of the Income Tax paid in the UK can be asked. It only concerns the current fiscal year.

To get this reimbursement you should get :

   -    The P85 form, entitled “Leaving the UK”, that you could obtain from the tax office of your last employer.

   -    The P45 form that your employer will give you on your last day of work. (These documents indicate the whole amount of Income Tax you’ve paid since the beginning of the current fiscal year)

More information on that subject on the website: (section: Money, Tax and Benefit)


Family Allowance

Before going back to France you must inform your Benefit Agency that you are leaving the UK, in order that they remove you from the Child Benefit’s list. The Agency will give you a removal statement (attestation de radiation).  You’ll have to present this form to the Caisse d’allocations familiales (CAF) of your city to assert your rights.



If you are registered on the Consulate’s list of the French living outside of France (Français établis hors de France), give your card back before leaving.

Make sure you have been removed from the voting list (if you were registered at the Consulate). If you do not do that, you will not be able to register on the list of the town you’re going to live in.

If you have children, enrol them at a French school several months in advance. You can get some information from your future town hall or from the Rectorat d’Académie (


To get more information 

Maison des Français de l'étranger (completer folder on the UK). Tel: 33 (0)1 43 17 60 79,

Centre de liaison européen et international de la Sécurité sociale (CLEISS).


10/01/2018 - evila56 said :

Je suis rentrée de Londres depuis 2005 apres 5 annees passées in UK malheureusement je n ai pas demandé mon E205 pour ma retraite, est il indispensable pour valider mes trimestres pour la retraite?

11/11/2016 - sabrinabibiemambaccus said :

lodgement pour les expats francais au retour en france?

07/08/2015 - ge_sept said :

Retraitre prochaine j 'aimerais renter En France mais je n Ai pas de logement.comment faire pour appliquer une demanded de lodgement social en France d'angleterre sans me retrouver Sdf. J Ai Aussi des problemes de mental health Mon psychiatry dois t Il me referrer au consulate ou autres? Ma situation Est vraiment difficult merci a l advance de voter aide

01/05/2014 - gperrein said :

Retraite francais, je souhaiterais vivre definitivement en angleterre
Que se passe t il pour la securite sociale
Ai je droit automatiquement à la NHS?
Je possede une maison en angleterre depuis 20 ans
J ai de bons revenus personnels

03/02/2014 - madlutin said :

tel 03002003506 pour le formulaire E104

24/11/2012 - pierre-haneuse said :

ou puis je obtenir le formulaire E 121? es t il possible de l'obtenir sur le net ?


13/09/2011 - mickaelc1 said :

Excellente page, parfaitement detaillee ....une question cependant ou puis-je demander/telecharger le formulaire E105?

18/07/2011 - soumaarielle said :

fraiment, tres bonnes informations. merci


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