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Useful Tips on how to choose a removal firm when moving abroad

By No author

Are you moving, but not sure where to start? At AGS, we advise that you choose a professional and experienced moving partner, who will guide you every step of the way.
Here are some helpful tips:

Is your mover accredited?
Regulation and certification associations will help you establish which removal company is trustworthy. There are many, but the most prestigious are those who are FAIM-accredited by the FIDI organization.
The AGS Group is proud to announce that we have the most FAIM-accredited branches, and therefore guarantee the best international removals service! Learn more
Further criteria to consider when choosing a removals company:
The company’s experience and its network:
When choosing your mover, consider the level of experience that the company has in the removals industry. This experience will translate into expertise and know-how. Similarly, a company that has a large network, operating in many countries, will complete all removal operations from start to finish, using either their own resources or trusted agents. This guarantees top quality service to their clients.
AGS Movers currently has 126 offices worldwide and is one of the leaders in the international removals industry. AGS has built an efficient and strong network of branches and agents during our 35 years of experience, thus ensuring a high standard of service, to and from anywhere in the world. Learn more
Sufficient financial resources:
During this time of financial uncertainty, we advise you to choose a company that has and will withstand the economic crisis and ensure that your move is completed. What would happen if your removals service provider no longer existed on the day of delivery?
At AGS, continuous service is guaranteed, whether through our FAIM accreditation or the stability we’ve gained during 35 years of experience. Choose stability. Choose AGS!

Accreditation, network, resources are the three main criteria.

We hope that you found this information helpful. Please visit our website should you need more information.


20/01/2010 - valbonne said :

Make sure your removal company is serious about your stuff. Avoid Moving Home Company They have lost several items when we moved back to France and six month after useless ping pong emails they came up with a generous offer of £50!


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