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Bilingual Children

Some of the best bilingual schools and nurseries in London

By No author

The state educational system in England no longer makes foreign languages compulsory at GCSE level whilst more and more parents  would like opt for the private sector and are realising the importance of teaching their children another language. Of course, this is perhaps linked to the fact that families coming from abroad are keen to have their children brought up bilingual or it could also be that parents want their children to be more open to what the world has to offer and that learning a language gives them a real advantage when entering the world of business.

Multinationals and international banks openly favour multilangual applicants. Is three  too soon to be thinking of the time your child will be looking for his first job? Experience has shown that nursery children find it much easier to learn a language than when they are 10 or 11 years old. In countries such as Holland and Sweden, children learn English at nursery level and we all know how good they are at speaking it.


Mars Montessori


Mars Montessori
Mars Montessori

Mars Montessori Bilingual Nursery is a small private nursery in the heart of Islington, offering Montessori education and a bilingual environment, coupled with extended daycare for children aged 2-5 years. Mars only has 24 children, and 6 members of staff. The nursery is open from 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday for 47 weeks of the year.

Mars Montessori has operated since January 2000 and has consistently been awarded GOOD Ofsted ratings. In November 2006 the Mayor of Islington presented the school with an award for Raising Quality Standards.

Pupil at Mars Montessori
Pupil at Mars Montessori

The French Programme was co-developed with a child psychologist following extensive study of the best bilingual (and multilingual) nurseries in Paris.

4 Collins Yard
(off Islington Green
London N1 2XU

Tel. 020 7704 285


L'Ecole des Petits and l'Ecole de Battersea

L'Ecole des Petits

Today 236 children attend the school aged from 3 to 6.

L'Ecole des Petits was the first independent pre-primary school in Great Britain to be officially recognized as an Ecole Homologuée by the French Education Authority (AEFE); a recognition which was confirmed in 1995.

The school houses 5 classes of maternelle from Petite Section to Grande Section and two bilingual classes. They also welcome an English section with two classes: 1st Level and 2nd Level which follow the English Curriculum. (These 2 classes are dedicated to English speaking pupils who wish to continue within the English educational system).

The school caters for English-speaking and French-speaking children and provides learning in both languages. The school welcomes pupils from all over the world

L'Ecole des Petits follows the official French Education National curriculum and offers pupils an education in a warm and friendly atmosphere where, thanks to a policy of small classes, each child is encouraged to express him/herself. All French classes receive daily teaching in English.

The English classes follow the National Curriculum Foundation Stage as recommended by DFES and also receive daily teaching in French.
2 Hazlebury Road
London SW6 2NB
(10 minutes de Chelsea)

Phone: 44 20 7371 8350

L'Ecole de Battersea

L'Ecole de Battersea
L'Ecole de Battersea
L’Ecole des Petits which had been probably one of the most successful bilingual school in London, opened a second school in Battersea, this school was created to extend the age range from three to eleven years so as to provide a full pre-primary and primary education from maternelle to CM2.
The school provides facilities in keeping with today’s educational requirements. Today the school houses 13 classrooms and 5 ancillary teaching rooms (including ICT suite, library and Art room), plus gymnasium and canteen facilities.
At present, 224 pupils attend L’Ecole de Battersea, from the Petite Section in Maternelle to CM2. (Ages 3-11)
The school continues with the bilingual emphasis given at L’Ecole des Petits and encourages pupils to be fluent in both French and English by the time they leave.
L’Ecole welcomes children from different countries, and its teaching reflects this international flavour. Family involvement is paramount, as we consider the parent-school relationship to be of huge importance for the child to become fulfilled in our setting.
L’Ecole de Battersea offers a great variety of cultural, artistic and sporting activities as personal development is considered to be as important at academic excellence.
The school is "homologuée" and follows the French National Curriculum combined with certain elements of the English Curriculum. Children are involved in French and English subjects and languages every day of the week.
Trott Street
London SW11 3DS
(5 minutes de Chelsea)

Phone: 44 20 7924 3186

L’École des Benjamins

L'Ecole des Benjamins
L'Ecole des Benjamins

L’École des Benjamins (EdB) offers the Early Years Foundation Stage programme to 2 to 6 year old children in both English and French languages. EdB is a Bilingual private Nursery and Primary school, opened in 1994. They believe in the total development of the child on all levels, physical, social, emotional and intellectual. More importantly, they want children to learn to love learning.

They are committed to excellence in childcare and education. Their aim is to offer the highest standards of professionalism in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. They invite children to join them in an adventure that will last their lifetime.

Tel. 020 8673 8525 or 020 8675 9951



04/10/2018 - Cocoonfamily said :

Just found this website which is very helpful, I have visited the Christ church nursery 3 weeks ago. They let me wait outside of the nursery for 20 minutes under the rain! And when I finally went inside for the visit, it was just 4 children with diferent age, no French teacher at all and not a lot of toys around.
My baby is under too and they don’t have highchair and special room for diferent age. I will enrolled my child in Chelsea pre prep and nursery in st Andrew s church. Good luck with your research and thanks to all for your comments.

03/10/2018 - Elisabonaf said :

I recommend Kingsland in kings road, Chelsea ! They also have French, check their website it’s amazing. It’s is very big, have playground and a lot of activities!

02/10/2018 - Oliviabroomer said :

Christ church French nursery is not doing well!
The team changed all. I heard the deputy just left. My children are next door in the primary school; the teacher told us what they know as I wanted to put my 2 years old over there...
We have heard awfull things.

01/10/2018 - Nicolegrms said :

Avoid Christ Church French Nursery!
Awful management, a very two faced office and a huge staff turn over. Kids can’t settle in a place like this! My child has been there since September but giving my month notice already !

06/09/2018 - Miralkhaan said :

Hi, my husband and I are moving to London and we are looking for a French group or nursery for our 2 Todd’s. Would you recommend Mars Montessori Bilingual Nursery? It looks good and great comments on internet.
Thanks for all the comments we will avoid the French one in Chelsea then.

06/09/2018 - Steph&fam said :

Please avoid Christ Church street French nursery in Chelsea! They don’t even have one French staff anymore, very poor ressources and extremely expensive.
I will go for les chatons for my girl!

20/07/2018 - Samia.rabb said :

I would recommend les Chatons! Do not go to Christ church Nursery.
The room is so small and children are all mixed from 1,5 to 5 years old! They don’t have native French speaker neither.

09/02/2018 - nino_lali said :

I am looking for a Saturday franch club for my 6 years old daughter. She does one to one franch lessons privetly.i would like her to do a club with other children?

27/09/2017 - Angeladego said :

L'école des petits is great! Les chatons is good too! There is one nursery to AVOID is Christ church street french nursery. The nursery is dirty, they are not serious, poor resources , and the director is a thief, so are the management team.

09/03/2017 - Rjawad20 said :

I'm looking for a French native nanny for my 8 month old twins. We are near Paddington. Ideally for 3 days.

Let me know if your interested and send me your CV

Must have references from other mums


27/01/2017 - yagello said :

There is also an excellent bilingual French and English school (with Russian option) in W10 and Kentish Town, La Petite Ecole Bilingue Stewart International School... They also have a school in Paris.
My children have been there for three years already and are thrilled.

17/01/2017 - Lcclaudine said :

I am interested in working in the south east area as a bilingual nursery teacher , can you recommend anywhere ( I am a Montessori teacher / French teacher sat morning) ?

01/06/2015 - andrea.rajacic said :

We have just relocated from NYC and I am looking for a good French school to put my trilingual son into. He is turning 3 in August and, as we are located in Hampstead, I cannot really look into schools in South Ken or Chelsea. Have any of you heard anything about L'Ecole Internationale Franco Anglaise? I am curious about how children going there transition to the private English schools after, and if anyone has had experience sending their children there.
Thank you.

23/04/2015 - carmengangemi said :

Hello, we are a trilingual family who lives in Maidenhead. We are looking for a French nanny starting from September. Is there anyone qualified for this role who is looking for a job?
Please contact us at

05/12/2014 - maplecottage said :

Hi all, I am just popping on to let you know of a new french school in South East London, in Bromley which is making waves for its exceptional teaching methods. My two children are at the school and are very happy here. The focus is on creating future leaders within in a warm family environment.

To see a day in the life at the school:

Or visit their website:

08/10/2014 - sharmina said :

Hi. I live in South Croydon and looking for French classes for my son Joshua who is 5.5 years old. Do you know any near by?

28/12/2013 - virzimarianne said :

Bonjour, my name is Marianne,I am French native and I am 47 years old. I have been a teacher for 17 years with children ages 2 to 11. I have also worked with teenagers and young adults both in French and English.I have an accreditation to teach a foreign language as well as an E.J.E (Young children educator). I have also worked as a Montessori teacher and I believe that freedom and independence are the keys to the best development for children."The first aim of the prepared environment is, as far as it is possible, to render the child independent from the adult".Maria Montessori
I am free to adapt my schedule to your children needs.
You can contact me on : 07743452174 or/and my email address :

16/09/2013 - Sarahjsaba said :

I would like to know if there is any reasonable priced French nurseries and schools in London??

04/09/2013 - seventin69 said :

I've heard good things about Hampton Court House School, takes children aged 3 to 16 according to their website.

18/02/2013 - marine.calandri said :

école maternelle à londres

09/11/2012 - aescuderocendra said :

i need to know if there is a french teaching boarding school??? in England??

26/10/2012 - gassama.fatou said :

Hi there. I'm a french native speaker working as a french language assistant in London.

I am available to give french tuition at all levels.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me

Many Thanks

26/10/2012 - gassama.fatou said :


I give french lessons after school to everyone who want to learn french, spread the word!

Do not hesitate to contact me at: for further information.

Au plaisir!

15/10/2012 - Sandrineoriac said :

Hi there. I'm a french native speaker working as a french language assistant in London. I am available to give french tuition at all levels. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me


14/10/2012 - dor_bartek said :

Get some baguettes, you can find them in just about any NORMAL steors.. If you have a Sam around your area ? go check out what they have..or Whole food store.Croissants are great also..

08/10/2012 - swfaltaos said :

Dear all
i am planing to relocate to UK soon, my son is 20 months old, i am searching for bilingual (French and English) school close to Uxbridge area.
Any advice please

16/05/2012 - harisstamatopoulou said :

Hi all! I am desperately looking for any ofsted outstanding bilingual french/english nurseries and pre-schools in and around London, preferably Chelsea, Kensington and surroundings. Could also consider, Hampsted,Wimbledon, Richmond and surroundings.
Thank you all!!!!

04/02/2012 - 3oursons said :

I've seen a new French-English bilingual nursery is opening in Paddington!

21/01/2012 - nora.david said :

My kids are a french charter school in New York and we are moving to london in September.

I am looking for a french immersion catholic school in London where they can continue.

10/09/2011 - philippe said :

A new French bilingual nursery will open in Paddington:

09/09/2011 - philippe said :

You could try this also:

24/06/2011 - jessica said :

We will be relocating from Boston to London. Our daughter is currently in a 100% French school currently. We are looking for something similar in the London. Does anyone have any suggestions? Immersion with English is also fine, but we prefer all French.

02/06/2011 - forwalbahar said :

hi dears freanc school are best one but unfortunatelly are in london iam living in luton i want a bilingue school for my children but i cant because i can i go to london every day does any one can help me pleaseeeeeeeeee

10/05/2011 - philippe said :

There is a lovely list on:

Their French games are great for toddlers and children also:

21/04/2011 - mats.a.olsson said :


I am living in Maida Vale and I have a school close to me that it would be great if anybody have some input on. its called L'Ecole Bilingue and they have both Nursery and Elementary.


29/03/2011 - jonathan said :

There is a group taking an active interest in French education in the UK. You can contact them through Frenchies South London on Facebook. The UK UMP delegate Emmanuelle Savarit is leading it.

07/03/2011 - m_little said :

I am interested in bilingual secondary schools in and around London for fall 2011. Does anyone know what is available (aside from le lycee Francais)?

25/02/2011 - saphirdu59100 said :

i would like to integrate edge hill university .. so i would like you to know your point of view? can you help me please... i am dubious because i would like to study in england but the fees are very expensive.. i would like to know if it is worth to study in england.. according to you; what is the best between study in france or in england ??

13/01/2011 - styrka said :

A new School will open this fall in Cheaswick ...
Go to see and check
Lovely teachers!

15/12/2010 - Indrabenoit said :


I am planning to shift my family and children to UK for settling down from France by mid next year. My children were under French education strem in the age group of 12, 6 and 4. I prefer to give them bilingual stream. I would like to know if there are free bilingual schools and the systems of admission. Please help me

Indra Benoit

23/09/2010 - timothy.wood4 said :

We were very frustrated by foreign language teaching in the UK. Our daughter did a 6 month exchange at age 10 with En Famille International;( She is now bilingual and passionate about French culture and language. I heartily recommend it for 9 - 13 year old children. They do German & Spanish too.

18/06/2010 - mariealinefournier said :

I am very interested in bilingal education. Are there any bilingal secondary school around London (apart from le lycee Francais)?


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