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Tips on how to dress your baby - day & night, whatever the season

By Patrizia Wigan


How to dress baby in Winter

Daytime - Be careful not to over dress baby! A new born (who does not move a great deal) will only need one more layer than the adults. Older children who are walking don't need more layers. Use a long sleeve body under clothes. Padded overalls are very practical, enabling baby to be perfectly warm to enjoy his outing regardless of the bitter cold weather. Take care to protect baby's head, ears and neck - a hood or hat is essential.

Night time - Baby’s bedroom should ideally have a constant temperature of 19 to 20 degrees centigrade. Dress baby with a long sleeve body, a long sleeve sleep suite and in his sleeping bag if over 3 months. Lay baby on his back, a cuddle, a lullaby and good night. 


How to dress baby in Spring and Autumn

Daytime - Spring weather is very unsettled, often rainy; baby must therefore be protected from rain. An all-in-one overall if they are in a sling or carry cot; the push chair must have a rain cover. If they are bigger a raincoat, rain hat and boots as they love jumping in the paddles and adore the rain. 


How to dress baby in Summer

Daytime - If it is hot enough for short sleeves for you then short sleeves for baby also - but always have a cardigan ready in case the weather cools. For all garments close to the skin choose cotton. In summer sleeveless vests are more comfortable than bodies as they allow small amount of air to circulate which is very pleasant. Bare feet is OK - but never leave baby under direct hot sun and never without clothes and sun cream. Remember his skin is very sensitive. Cover baby’s head and protect the eyes from intense sun light. Do not forget to make him drink during the day.

Night time - No more sleeping bag if the weather is 23 to 24 degrees centigrade, let baby sleep in pyjamas or a sleep suit. If the temperature is above 26 degrees centigrade pyjamas or sleep suits are not essential.


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