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CD Release : Za7ie by Zazie

By Matthieu Boisseau

Zazie is one of the biggest and brightest stars in French pop of the last two decades. Each of her 6 albums has been a Platinum seller in France, and her songwriting skills are recognized as she has contributed a number of songs for other pop stars (Jane Birkin, Calogero).
Za7ie, her seventh album, is an ambitious and unprecedented programme of 7 Digital 7 song EPs which are being released over a seven week period. Each EP is related to a different day of the week, following your activities and the ups and downs of your mood. A brainwave.
Zazie's Schedule
Zazie's Schedule
On Monday, as you need energy to get back into your routine, the dynamic EP “Ma Quête” gives your week a cracking start. Tuesday EP “En images” is more visual as it contains music videos only. On Wednesday - “children's day” - you can hear the sweet voice of Zazie's daughter in the song "Tout va bien". Cute, isn't it ? Thursday EP is “Recycling” - as you have to take the rubbish out this day -, and Friday's one, “Collective” only contains features. Closing EPS Saturday and Sunday follow your weekend programme : “going out” on Saturday – epitomized by dance rhythms - and “relaxing” the day after with calm songs.
Final verdict : Remaining true to herself, Zazie's aerial pop and creativity are at their top in this colossal and accomplished project.
Za7ie was released on October 4th, 2010


06/03/2012 - webmaster said :

Boy that raelly helps me the heck out.


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