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Dominique Strauss Khan on TF1

DSK : It was worse than a weakness, it was a moral fault

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After four months of silence, DSK (Dominique Strauss-Khan), the ex-president of the IFM, finally explained himself about his “sexual encounter”. Both serious and serene, DSK apologized to French people on the television news.

13 million television-viewers

At 8pm on 18th September, on TF1 (channel 1), DSK faced presenter Claire Chazal’s

Claire Chazal on TF1

questions. The viewing audience exceeded 13 million: a record for this political sex scandal.

DSK appeared calm and burdened with regrets. He confessed: “It was worse than a weakness; it was a moral fault of which I am not proud. I regret it infinitely. I have regretted it every day for the last four months and I don't believe I have finished regretting it”.


DSK and the Prosecutor's report

Prosecutor's report released DSK

Interrogated on what happened in the room of the Sofitel in New York, DSK spoke clearly: “There was nothing violent, no constraint, no aggression, nothing criminal about what happened; that is what the prosecutor said, not me”. During the entire interview the French politician referred to the “prosecutor's report” and added, “Nafissatou Diallo lied about everything. It is not me saying that – it is in the prosecutor's report. She didn't just lie about her background – that wasn't important – she lied about the facts.”

“I was afraid”

Asked about his detention and the US justice treatment, he testified "I was afraid. I was very, very afraid. When you are in a crunching machine like that [the US justice system], you have the impression it is crushing you to death. I felt ground under its heel, humiliated, and I wasn't able to say a word. I have suffered a violent experience."

“I respect women”

Anne Sinclair

DSK says that he clearly understood women’s reaction to the scandal, but insisted he rejected all others accusations of sexual affairs. He also sang the praise of his wife, Anne Sinclair, who he described as “exceptional”. “She would not have supported me if, for one second, she thought I was not innocent”.

DSK and money

The publicwas shocked to see DSK and his wife spending so much money to rent a house, when he was released from jail, and paying extortionate fees to his lawyers. But, DSK defended himself, saying “It was that or returning to Rikers Island”. He had no choice…that’s US justice.

DSK’s future

DSK confirmed that he had, indeed, planned on participating in the next French presidential elections. But, he will no longer play a role in the Socialist Primaries, though he still hoped for “a left-wing victory in 2012”. For the time being, DSK remains mysterious about his future, elusively concluding on the matter: “We will see”.


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