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Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (AFP)

First baby at the Elysée Palace

By No author

Around 7:30 pm on 19th October, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, France’s First Lady, gave birth to a baby girl. She had been hospitalized earlier that day in one of the most exclusive Parisian private hospitals. At a crucial time for Europe, Nicolas Sarkozy had a meeting with Angela Merkel and was therefore not present at the birth. He saw his new baby later in the evening.
Carla Bruni, pregnant
The French president has three boys from two previous marriages. He is now the father of a little girl. It is the first child to be born to a serving French president. Sarkozy’s daughter’s name is still unknown. Marie? Antoinette? Josephine?... The bets are opened. Although we have been informed that it could be Giulia
Carla Bruni, already mother of a ten-year-old called Aurelien from a previous relationship, declared a few weeks before giving birth that she will protect the baby from the Medias. Will this new baby be a political opportunity for the French President as it was for the Blair or Cameron couples? Will Nicolas Sarkozy’s current low popularity rate improve in the months to come? This is all to be seen.
Nicolas Sarkozy and his pregnant wife Carla


24/10/2011 - dominicos said :

comme on dit souvent:..... c'est surement ce qu'il a fait de mieux!!!!!

21/10/2011 - pat.beyet said :

The President who wants a France more Bleu Blanc Rouge than ever and he is not giving a French name to is daughter... Irony!

21/10/2011 - Christine.Lemaitre said :

Who cares?


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