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Le couple Beckham
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The Beckham family expected in Paris?

By No author

For a few weeks now, a rumour has been spreading through the French capital… The Beckhams are coming! Press and Paparazzi are already rubbing their hands in glee.


Who’s pushing for the move: David or Victoria?

Beckham family

The rumour is that David is currently being courted by the Saint-Germain Football Club, one of France’s most famous teams, and all he has to do is sign on the dotted line for it to be baguettes and berets for the Beckams. Admitedly, a gastronomic experience of Paris is probably the last thing on Victoria’s mind, but the ex-Spice Girl turned fashion designer will surely be eager to put her mark on the City of Lights, birthplace of Haute Couture.

The French press is already going wild- the couple’s potential arrival with their four children has been hogging column inches since the news first came out, and everybody has their two cents to say about it:  «The Beckhams in Paris, that’ll be good for business!» Quipped Michel Platini, ex-French footballer and current president of the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations). Zinedine Zidane, however, has so far managed to contain his excitement assuring us that: «Sincerely, this won’t change anything for me. I support Marseilles»…


David Beckham

For the love of football…or publicity?

This is not the first mega transfer by Paris Saint-Germain: the team also recently added Argentinean player Javier Pastore to their number, and forked out an amazing 42 million euros for the privilege. Having dwindled in popularity in recent years, it seems the PSG is now willing to spend whatever it takes to re-launch itself. This has been largely helped by the Qatari funds, new owners of the team, who apparently have yet to hear about this “recession” everybody else seems to be talking about…

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham

It’s fair to say that Beckam is not solely being brought in for his football skills- at 36 he’s getting dangerously close to retirement- but for his image. More precisely, not just his image: the “Beckam” image. For where he goes, Victoria follows, and where they go, the media storm follows. So it’s not just the player that Saint-Germain is paying for, it’s for the whole brand, and the hope that the slightly lack-lustre team will benefit from the “Beckam touch”.



Tour Eiffel
Tour Eiffel

Des English à Paris?

When the Parisian jet set welcomes the (alternative) English Royal couple, it is likely to be an explosive cocktail of Caviar and Champagne. Can’t you see it already? David Beckham dancing the night away with Vincent Cassel or going for his morning jog with Sarko around the Jardins de Luxembourg, whilst Victoria has “the girls”, Carine (Roitfelt), Carla (Bruni) and Vanessa (Paradis) over for kiddy play dates and shopping trips along the Champs Elysées… This is what one means by the “cosmopolitanism” of the Parisian elite…


03/12/2011 - expertess said :

Please don't happen! Too many rude famous here already!


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