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Tips for French people looking for a job in London!

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Working in London when you are French!
Not that easy but not "Mission Impossible"!


You will find below some advice that France In London's members have put together based on their past experience.

Before finding a job:

Tip No 1: Start ASAP your job hunting from France using one of your friend's address here in London. Your chances of getting a call from a recruiter will dramatically improve!
Tip No 2: Check out the following specialized website :

And obviously, where you will find many jobs available to work in French restaurants, French shops, as nannies or au-pairs. And it's FREE!


Tip No 3: Put time and effort into developing your language skills. It is also important to say to prospective employers what your level of English is especially if you know that you are rather good at it. This is worth a lot whether you are looking for a job in a bar or in the business world. Be careful not to over estimate them it! You'll be caught very fast!

Tip 4: Do not hesitate to call back the recruiters to get an interview! It is extremely beneficial especially if you are seeking a marketing job or a sales job. Do not hesitate to go there and introduce yourself directly to the firm.

Generally, interviews in the UK are less formal than in France, so don't be surprised if the recruiter asks you to have a coffee in the Starbucks around the corner.

After finding a job:

Congratulations! You have found a job in London! Now you'll have to worry about boring formalities such as getting a National Insurance Number or even worse a Bank Account.

The National Insurance Number?

It is the equivalent of the French "numéro de sécurité sociale". It will allow you to pay less tax when you have a job (Well it all depends on how much you are earning of course!).

This « National Insurance Number » will also enable you to see a doctor or to go to the hospital for free


What you've got to do is:

To find your closest "job centre" agency.

Please click on the following link

On the phone, they will ask you the following:
  • Your identity, situation, how long have you been in the UK for
  • Your adress in London, so that they can give you an appointment close to your house
  • The name and address of your boss if you have a job
Following this phone call, you will get an appointement and you will receive by post a confirmation's letter with the list of the documents to provide on the D day

On the day of your appointment, give your name at the reception and wait until you are called

After checking your documents and a few words exchanged, you will receive your National Insurance Number by post within 6 weeks. So be patient!

If you want to read more information about the NIN, please click on the following link:

Job Centre Plus

Department of Work and Pension :


What about opeing a bank account?

Contrary to France, current accounts are totally free. Nevertheless, note that you might be charged for a Visa and Mastercard's credit cards in some famous English banks such as HSBC or Nawest, but free in others.

To open an account, you must provide a proof of address such as utility bills. (gas, electricity, council tax) or a letter from your estate agent.

If you are an Erasmus student, it will be much easier because you certainly filled out some forms prior to your departure.  Most famous banks:Natwest, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Virgin

One of the best benefits in working in the UK is that your income tax is directly deducted from your salary each month. So no surprises at the end of the year like in France :)

Good luck!


13/06/2012 - smalltalky said :

It's about time someone wrote about this.


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