Brands List

M de Miniman The Newman line for young boys.
Magimix Expresso coffee machines
Mai Melissa Nice streetwear.
Maison d'Artiga (La) Createur et tisseur de toile basque
Maison de Famille Maison de Famille represents the essence of French style made easy.
Mamie Nova
Manuel Canovas Expensive home fabrics and perfumes.
Marèse Colourful and nice looking children fashion.
Marguerite de Turenne Preserves from the Gers (Bergerac)
Mariage Frères Teas and teapots from the reputed Parisian tearoom
Marie Jo A line of swimwear for women.
Marithé et François Girbaud The avant-garde jeans designers since 30 years.
Marius Fabre Natural soaps
Marquet Bonnerave Wine producer
Martine Sitbon A designer with a modern and feminine look.
Mathilde (J.Rondinaud) A classic line of ready-to-wear
Mathilde M Creation Quality decorative products
Mauriel Copper pans.
Mauviel Top of the range Copper & Stainless Steel Cookware
MHP Fish soup
Michel Cluizel Master Parisian Chocolatier
Michelin Car and Bicycle tyres
Miniman The Miniman brand is a true leader in fine children’s apparel, not only for its superb quality, but for its casual yet sophisticated sensibility. Considered one of the top boy’s...
Miss Torrente Classic fashion label.
Mode 8 Children shoes and baby shoes
Mode Machine A cheap fashion label for teenagers.
Molinard Eau de Cologne, perfumes
Monin Sirops
Mont Blanc Fountain Pens and luxury accessories
Montana Claude Montana's ready-to-wear line.
Morgan A fashionable, sexy and cheap label for teenagers.
Morlane Nice leather bags.
Mouton Cadet
Muscadet 2001 French muscadet
Muscadet Old Vine 2001 French muscadet