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Group of schools, Guitar-X Drumtech and Vocaltech providing the optimum learning environment for all students. The schools have an outstanding and renowned teaching team of around 50 members Drumtech, Vocaltech and Guitar-X enjoy a unique international reputation with students coming for all continents. Studies can be done part-time or full-time, up to 4 years for the committed and dedicated students The schools cater for all part time musicians and children and offer many part-time courses and private lessons for all types of student, including beginners 7 days a week and 51 weeks out of 52. Philosophy & Methodology "We deliver revolutionary Guitar, Bass, Drum and Vocal tuition. It shakes the traditional and conventional ways of teaching. It is creative, inspirational, yet rigorously structured information. We train and prepare musicians from all over the world like no one else. What we teach and how we teach it, is where the difference lies. Our tutors draw on years of pro experience to conceive, focus and deliver our material. Clear, concise and powerful, it fast-tracks you to exactly where you need to be. We will teach you how to learn, how to study, how to practice, and most importantly how to perform. Students from all our schools workshop their live performance skills, in dynamics real world performance situations - on stage, complete with full back line, lights and PA. And that’s not all - we empower our students to teach themselves, create and develop in individual ways, through a methodology unique to our group of schools."

Business detail

76 Stanley Gardens
W3 7SZ
020 8749 3131
Opening Hours
Four times a year (Jan, March, June and Sept) we put on performances that showcase every aspect of what we do.
· See teachers and students perform live
· Attend master classes
· Tour the facilities
· Get your questions answered
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