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Clark & Rose International Moving and Storage

   Clark & Rose International Moving and Storage

Established in 1906 this long established removal company has a reputation for service and commitment to customers. With operational facilities in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, London, Bedford and Paris France you can feel confident that they have the knowledge you need for your peace of mind. Clark and Rose are members of the British Association of Removers [overseas group] & F.I.D.I. a quality orientated organization recognized as the benchmark for moving companies serving the blue chip companies. Our website is

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14 Eldon Way
SG18 8NH
0845 230 1906
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16/12/2016 - triglyph1 said : mark * * * * *

I appreciate that when a double trailer followed by a car has to park on a narrow village road in Coddington it will cause difficulties. What I do not appreciate, when saying someone was needed telling cars it was safe to pass from behind, being told I could 'see the bloody road'. If I could 'see the bloody road' I wouldn't have been waiting behing the containers when the driver got out of the cab. The vehicle was parked on a left hand bend which was immediately followed by a sharp right hand bend, taking up at least half the road, and even pulling onto the wrong side of the road I couldn't even see the cab.

15/10/2008 - madwave75 said : mark * * * * *

mon demenageur !


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