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Rivka Attlan, Nutritionist et Diet Coach since 2004, she is proposing you to know a little bit more about your body and how it is working in order to understand it, to manage it and above all to feel better.

Her job is to understand and modify your daily nutrition habits in order to prevent overweight, cure a weight disease (diabetes, hypercholesterolemia …) but above all to help you to reach « The Perfect Weight ».

During this new experience you are not alone!! She will assist you day after day, she will provide you a tailor diet plan which will evolve on each of our weekly meeting, until you reach your target.

Her motto is simple « Your Motivation A Tailor Diet Plan My coaching = 100% Success »
There is no more excuse to wait for looking after yourself.


Business detail

44 (0)750 001 7226
Opening Hours
Online via phone from 8am-9pm
Monday to Friday
Tel(Fr): 33 (0)970 449 811
Tel(Gb): 44 (0)750 001 7226


15/11/2012 - Audreybenamou said :

Rivka est une personne extraordinaire, sensible et efficace !!!
Remettre son alimentation en question n'est pas une expérience facile, avec Rivka c'est une véritable aventure humaine et le plus c'est la positivité des résultats obtenus sans risque pour la santé !!!! Ce qui de nos jours n'est pas toujours évident . Encore merci Rivka !!!!


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