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First, the introductions…
Born and bred on Parisian turf, they have been a striving family-led estate agency for a few decades now.
So, why have they moved to London…?
It’s not all about Paris, is it? They came to meet up with their wonderful customers who crossed the Channel, but that’s not only that, they also wanted to get to know the locals! London was just a stone throw away from Paris and they loved the vibe. So London was a natural choice for them.
What’s the deal then…?
Plain and simple, they are here to help you buy or sell your place and they will even do a free property valuation.
Isn’t this just the same-old-same-old…?
In a word, no. With a foot on both sides of the pond in Paris and London, they do offer some unrivalled opportunities. They have brought a real entrepreneurial mind-set and some manners from the continent to fulfil your specific needs.
So meet up with them…
They have not fully shied away from their French roots and so decided to settle in Chelsea at 280 Fulham Road, not far from frog valley. So don’t hesitate to come by and meet them in person!

Business detail

280 Fulham Road
SW10 9EW
020 7351 63 08
Closest tube
Earl's Court
Opening Hours
Monday – Friday
9am to 7pm

10am to 3pm


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