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It is advised to take a folding chair, a good book and an umbrella, the waiting time could be hours on the pavement! Note also that there are two entrances: one for none French Citizen and one for French Citizen. You'll find that the short queue is for the French. To make an appointment call 09065 540 700 or visit the website.

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21 Cromwell Road
020 7073 1250
Closest tube
South Kensington
Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday: 8.45am to 12pm
Friday: 8.45am to 11.30am (except French and English bank holidays)


26/07/2019 - kalakandan said :

dear Sir/madam,
I am a French national living in England, my son, French National is willing is willing to marry a Srilankan girl.

Please let me know whether we have to register at the
French Consulate office regarding the marriage. If so,
please book an appointment as early as possible. The
marriage is fixed on the 15th Aug. 2019. Please e-mail your reply please. Thanks.

05/06/2019 - redha14 said :

Hi I'm British and my wife Moroccan with EEA 5 years family member resident card can my wife travel with me to France or will need a visa entry please?

20/02/2019 - sayadram said :

salut je suis de la nationalite francais jhabite a Manchester et cmt je doit faire pour register le act de naissance de mon fils qui est nee en England il ya un ans de cela merci

08/06/2018 - suzettenelly said :

I live Manchester my daughter have French passport she wants to renew passport because it expired, but I tried to make the appointment not working so could you please send me appointment any time soon possible, Elle a ni identity card
please Advice me
Best Regards

jane Bernie combo-mougani

08/06/2018 - amortazavy said :

I wanted to visit France with my wife and my daughter.
I and my daughter are British with a british passport, but my wife has a Iranian passport with "Indefinite Leave to Remain" UK visa (Biometric Card Visa) (Settelment Visa).
We can come to France or my wife need to apply for visa French?
Thank you

12/04/2018 - suzettenelly said :

I live Manchester I have French passport I want to renew my passport because it expired, but I tried to make the appointment not working so could you please send me appointment any time soon possible, please

21/01/2018 - c.manicassamy said :

hello sir/madam
I would like to renewal passport in French consulate in London. but I was tried to make appointment , not working in the webpage, so please can you guide me to get new appointment , please.

12/01/2018 - georges.bloch875 said :

Bonjour,combien de temps faut-il pour renouveller le passeport avant la date d'expiration? et aussi puis-je le faire par courrier avec toutes les pieces necessaires merci Georges Bloch

22/09/2017 - khem4423 said :

I had applied Schengen visa in France consulate on 05/09/17 and wanted to track my visa through online, but once I login they ask GWF NO. What is this and where can I get this no? Do any body have any idea? Please help me.

14/09/2017 - Srividya.mani said :

I am an Indian citizen on a tourist visa to uk for 6 months. Is it possible for us(my wife included) to secure a fortnight so visa to France? If so how long will it take, and what do I have to submit. I hold my bank statements and property papers of India.
Please respond,

21/08/2017 - josephe.ollui said :

i'm french but i wasnt born in France i live in the UK by myself now but before i used to live with my Dad but he moved to Canada i want to renew my passport because it will be expired soon . i dont know wht to bring on the day . all I got is my french passport and my bank statement thats all can anyone give me advices ireally need it

16/05/2017 - therebel.was said : mark * * * * *

hi, i am holding blue travelling documents refugee 1951 in uk with residence status, do i need visa for going to france for visit?

08/05/2017 - amschana said :

I live in UK and have married a British man. I have lived in the UK for 18 years now but still have a french passport.

I want to change my Surname to my husbands one.

Does anyone know how i do this?


03/05/2017 - Jasmyrp said :

Hi can some one give me some information on the French visit. I hold a schengen visa which is valid until June 2017, but my UK residence visa will be expiring on 20 may 2017 , in this circumstance will I b able to visit France. Some of the travel agencies said that I need a minimum of 3 months uk visa after the visit.

02/05/2017 - davidpaice313 said :

The service provided for French nationals living in the Uk is shocking and gives the impression that France is a third world country and not a leading member of the EU. You cant contact the French Consulate by phone if you have an urgent question and to expect French citizens having to travel to London to apply for or renew a French Passport is nothing short of a scandal . Uk citizens can renew UK passports by post, its time the French authorities advanced to the 21st century and not treat there nationals as third class.

15/03/2017 - jothim21 said :

Can someone tell me a relevant contact number for the french embassy in london other then the one which no one answers - 02070731200. I tried to book an appointment i cannot too. Why is it so difficult to contact anyone from this embassy at all. Please help me in this as i am very desperate to contact regarding marriage registration.

10/03/2017 - lisbeth.dennis said :

I am in the US and need to send documents to the French consulate to establish a Livert de Famille. I am not sure what mail carrier to use. I want to use FedEx International, but I am concerned that if FedEx International requires a phone call for pick-up, it will never happen. Does anyone know what service is the best to use? I have looked online and found nothing. I have called and was unable to get a live person. Thank you.

03/02/2017 - spallhusnain said :

I am pakistani citizen and would like to visit paris with my wife and kind who is british citizen what do i have to do in order to get visit visa for paris

19/01/2017 - Marthe.woguia said :

bonjour jaimerai savoir quel numero appelle si je dois pendre les renseignement pour faire le passeport de mon enfants merci

07/06/2016 - fadumoyusuf11 said :

Hi i left my email adress an i wiil live my phone nambar 00447482104711

07/06/2016 - fadumoyusuf11 said :

Hi i need some information aboute visa to france ilive in london i left my email adress an phone2 my phone nambar is 00447482104711

04/03/2016 - Zohdy.rania said :

Dear sir/madam
I booked Eurostar ticket and Disneyland for Me,my kids and my husband to travel on 27/03 /2016my kids and my husband holding the British passport and I am resident in the uk, I have indefinite live card. I fill in the application for France visa and I didn't find any appointment to apply. I need to know what should I do, my kids will be very disappointed if we didn't travel.please note that I have got the British citizenship but I get my passport at the end of May.Please please help!!

30/12/2015 - marychampion20 said :

how does our 21 year old son, with dual french /BRITISH NATIONALITY.OBTAIN A NEW FRENCH IDENTITY CARD? WHILST LIVING IN THE UK,? HE WANTS TO JOIN US IN FRANCE, where we moved to recently

28/11/2015 - Angelique.grygorcewicz said :

I commented about my mother on the 09/01/14. About how the consulate felt she wasn't ill enough to come to her to renew her passport! She died on the 12/02/14 of a massive heart attack, I wonder if they might think that she was actually ill enough, or is death not serious enough? I am so bitter of their behaviour and still get a bitter taste in my mouth when I think about how they treated her! It's absolutely disgusting and they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. They even had the audacity to send voting papers through her door after her death offering to come to her if she wanted to vote, but they won't come to her to renew her passport, she died feeling heart broken and stateless (her words a matter of days before she died).

21/09/2015 - amitbapidas said :

HI, I am Amit Das applied for VISA for me and my wife and son on 16 Sep 2016 and also booked Star tour for same and journey on 2nd Oct 2015 to 7 Oct 2016. Everyday I am check the currect status in TLScontact web site but long time it is not updating anything and TLS contact diodnot informed any about any issue. But when I called today ( 21 Sep 15) they are saying that there is an issue with boimetric finger print. It is not possible to reach lonondon every time for finger print, it is require £250.00 for go there and come back. And if I called to TLS contact today I couldn't able to know the details. Please help me out to get the tourist visa asap. Thanks, Amit Das

19/08/2015 - ruthbonhomme said :


Je ne sais pas qui je peux contacter.
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08/06/2015 - mohamed.hallaz said :

my wife got leave to remain in the uk does she need a visa to go to france.

05/05/2015 - patriciaconnell said :

You will need a schengen Visa. You will find the form online. Please note that it might take up to three weeks for you to obtain it.

04/05/2015 - kimou.himou50 said :

Am algerian refugee in uk. Holder of a convention travel document 28/07/1951 1951 expire on 11 January a visa require to me to visit France or pass Frome France to other union Europe country such as Belgium, Holland, Germany,Denmark Sweden ?

10/01/2015 - jennyanderson8 said :

How long will the book of condolences be open for the victims of the recent atrocities, please?

26/07/2014 - zabird1 said :

Am algerian refugee in uk. Holder of a convention of 28/07/1951 travel a visa require to me to visit nice cote d'azur?

26/07/2014 - zabird1 said :

Does a holder of uk's blue travel document need a visa to travel to nice and how long it takes to do it

30/01/2014 - Chicomcouture said :

Hi I flew from Glasgow via amsterdam Lagos, my return is Abuja Paris Amsterdam Glasgow. Do I need a transit visa pls.

09/01/2014 - Angelique.grygorcewicz said :

My mother is 78 a heart patient and cannot walk very far. She wants to renew her French passport, followed there required procedures, yet was told that she had to come to the consulate because they are biometric passports and they need a finger print. I phoned to explain that she cannot come in, they were far from accommodating, suggested they might be able to offer a home visit, then said they couldn't because of funds. I find it disgusting they have treated an elderly disabled person in such a way. They suggested I travel the 100 miles from where I live to pick her up, travel a further 100miles to the consular, then pay the congestion charge and car parking and then make my mother walk to the consulate and then take her back 100 miles and then drive back another 100 miles back home as I will have to take a days unpaid leave and return to work the next day. Other than that she can't have her passport, can anyone suggest how I might push them to do a home visit as she is in my opinion a special case ? This is very stressful and with her heart problems it is making her extremely frail and very anxious. I worry this might cause another heart attack if it continues in this vain. Pease if anyone can help, please help.

18/08/2013 - chaybami said :

I reside in the UK, I am algerian citizen booked my ticket to Tunisia within three weeks time, the flight will stop in Paris (orly airport) for couple of hours and then I have to be transferred to another airport(charle de gaule)before boarding to Tunisia, do I have to apply for any kind of visa for this transit trip? please advise me.

12/06/2013 - Joebertochoa said :

12/06/2013 joeana

i want to get a visa for my mum to paris for August, for our 3 days Church gathering, we have the letters from our sister in faith resident of Paris and letter from our church minister in charge, also all the requirements needs to prepare we already completed. My mum is bere in london with uk family visit visa until end of this October, she have been here third time with no any lproblem. Can we apply here in London for her schengen visa?thank you very much!

25/03/2013 - samir_zahroun said :

Dear Sir,

Does a holder of UK ’s Convention Travel Document (Blue) need to apply in advance for a visa to enter France?
Please advise.

Best Regards
Samir Sabir

06/02/2013 - dcaplan said :

Try to remain calm at all costs.
Remember, the people you meet here are the representatives of France....they are not necessarily representative of France.

21/08/2012 - svisvanathan said :

I am a Sri Lankan Passport holder and lived in UK for 40 years. I am visiting my friend in Germany for a week and wish drive to through France to Germany. I have booked my ferry ticket from Dover to Dunkirk France. I have got my visa for Germany but do I need a transit visa for France. I am not stopping in France.
Please advice me
thank you

14/08/2012 - nat said :

Hi, We have been given an appointment for tomorrow (15th August) via TLS contact for a visa at 9am. The problem is that we think 15th August is a Bank Holiday in France so are not sure if this will be open. Could anyone please confirm?

15/05/2012 - Ianandsabforswitchome said :

It is the second Monday that the consulate is closed (30th April and 14th May). Where could I find information on accurate opening times? Thanks in advance.

07/05/2012 - aminesoukeur said : mark * * * * *

Is the french consualate open on the 8th may 2012

02/05/2012 - patriciaconnell said :

The French Consulate will not be open on 7th May as this is a Bank Holiday.

30/04/2012 - Aminesoukeur said : mark * * * * *

Is The French Consulat Open On May Bank Holiday 7Th Of may 2012 ??

17/04/2012 - john said :

I need advice as to arrange/apply for an inquest into the death of my brother in Toulouse. Can you give me details as to what I must do.

John Holly

04/03/2012 - cylia-2009 said :

i want to get a visa to paris for next month do i need to come to london and also how long will it take me??

06/02/2012 - patriciaconnell said :

Yes, your wife will need a visa. You should try and make an appointment with the French Consulate as soon as possible.

06/02/2012 - jameel.raj said :

I'm planning a visit to Disneyland in March with my wife, she's a Indian Passport holder, does she need a visa to visit france?

17/12/2011 - imran_dindaroglu said :

I am a turkish nationality who lives in london. I have a live to remine in london do i need a visa to visit france?

23/11/2011 - rehnakosar2 said :

we have family come from pakistan to visit the uk on a family visa for 6 months, can they also apply here for a one day visa to france at xmas

18/07/2011 - horsehouse52 said :

I had my French passport stolen and need to replace it.

27/04/2011 - marclvicogne said :

I have had my french passport stolen (reported to the local authorities and french consulat.
how do I go to get a new one

18/04/2011 - ravoorir said :

we got indian passport and we are hsmp resident permit in uk. so we would like to visit paris. can we get a visa in single day or not

27/10/2009 - rosewood1986 said :

I am pakistani citizen and would like to visit paris with my wife who is british citizen what do i have to do in order to get visa for paris


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