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Au Revoir Madame Guillotine by Steve Humphrey

posted by steve15 - 15/06/2017 14:05


Are you fascinated by France, the French, their habits and customs? Have you ever had, or are you planning a relationship with someone from another country? Have you ever had a partner who had a morbid fear of doing the housework? If so, Au Revoir Madame Guillotine could be right up your street.
The story tells of how Steve, at 35, manages to persuade his long-suffering French girlfriend, Marie Noëlle, aka Merry Christmas, that it would be a good idea if he came to live with her in France. The book recounts the hilarious tale of two cultures that were never meant to come together under the same roof. Suddenly Steve is faced with social, cultural and culinary differences infinitely wider than the English Channel that he had just crossed.
The book deals with the thorny issue of social etiquette, including how and when to kiss a French person and what to do when you inadvertently swallow vermin sausage at a dinner party. And, should you need consoling – in a linguistic sense – we get an insight into why mastering high-speed social French is just so difficult.
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