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Yoga Ayurveda in therapy

posted by Inspireyoga12 - 06/12/2017 00:00

The definition of health in Ayurvedic sutras:

"Health is not just the simple absence of disease - it is the dynamic expression of life" 'Health is a state where the Tridosha, Digestive fire, all the body tissues & components, all the physiological processes are perfect unison and the soul, the sense of body and mind are in a state of total satisfaction (prasanna) & content "
Consider overweight , a major problem of our time:

Losing weight does not only concern your body: if you are aware of your curves or your physical excesses, are you also aware of the emotional blockages that may have caused them ? Losing weight is first and foremost a holistic approach that will treat all facets of what makes up the human being. Any physical approach must be accompanied by an emotional approach, itself underpinned by a global vision and especially conscious of the world to allow us to find the right place, without wanting to occupy all the space ...
The one day menu of YOGA AYURVEDA

7:30 am : Yoga awakening gently with gentle stretching to regain possession of our flexibility
9am : Lunch , live food of fresh fruits
12h : Descent to the river for a break both relaxing and invigorating . Massage and energetic seat bath in natural cascades. Ayurvedic meal based on a balance satvic (thus neutral) at the edge of the river.
15h : Hiking (about 45 min) in the scent of thyme
16h : Relaxation: massage or mandalas
6.30 pm : Dinner based on the principles of living and raw food
In the evening : Free time or shared documentary on topics related to the dynamism of life.
In practice…

Duration : 1 or 2 weeks
Cost : 600 euros (the week)
Location : Saint-Cézaire-sur-Siagne (Alpes Maritimes)