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REMOVALS UK to FRANCE (or other way round)

posted by mrvan - 22/01/2018 00:00

VanMan in London. Now for the boring stuff: We move people within London. This is a staple for us, a bit like chips, followed my more chips, then more chips, chips, chips, get my point love chips but variety is the way forward.
Now this is where you come into play: A trip out to France. Whether it is Paris or just Calais or maybe even Monaco we love to go out to France. Different scenery, fresh air, great food even on the motorway and we are still at work! So make our dreams come true give us a call to discuss your removal needs. George 07984169287. I speak English but my colleagues speak French. please check our website but don't go by the prices. Call me and I will do my best to minimise costs.