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return tickets London - Paris (3/8/18-7/8/18)

posted by wizbaines - 12/06/2018 00:00

Two outbound and two return tickets London to Paris and back.

Outbound (x2) London to Paris Friday 3rd August 2018 14.22 - 17.47 - £39 per ticket.

Return (x2) Paris to London Tuesday 7th August 2018 15.10 - 16.40 - £39 per ticket.

I'm not based in London but will be there for a few days over the coming weeks so could arrange a ticket exchange. Otherwise I'll have to email or post them to you but would ask that you transfer the money first.

We booked these tickets a while ago but now have my stepson staying that week so we're having to rearrange our travel plans.