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Part-time fun-loving creative nanny in London required

posted by iamemmawhitehouse - 05/08/2019 10:19

We are a friendly French / English bilingual family living in the Brixton / Herne Hill area.
I am half English half Moroccan, and my husband is half English half French.

We raise our children in a fun, friendly, creative and musical home. I work in a creative team and my husband runs his own business, and also plays the piano and guitar. As people, we are friendly, open, lighthearted, and thoughtful. We would welcome a nanny into our home as another member of our family. We believe that children learn best through play and experiences and we are striving to raise independent, loving, kind, intelligent children.

** Adeline ** will be 3 yr old in January - she is happy, music loving, full of smiles and active.
** Xavier ** is nearly 5 - he is a bundle of energy who loves role-playing, dancing, playing with his sister and generally monkeying around (!). He is also sensitive and kind.

Starting end August / beginning September.

During school holidays
The role is 30hrs basic, plus more hours for babysitting.
Monday - 8.15 - 18.00
Tuesday - 8.15 - 18.00
Thursday - 8.15 - 18.00

During school term:
The role is 20hrs which includes extra babysitting, but sometimes we need more so this can be 22-24 hours.

Mondays 8.15 - 18.00 (with Adeline, and then pick up Xavier from school)
Tuesdays 15.00-18.00 (nursery and school pick up)
Thursdays 15.00 - 18.00 (nursery and school pick up

Native French speakers only please.

Xavier (5) goes to school. We drop him off, so we required our nanny to do school pick up.

The most of the day on Monday will be spend looking after Adeline (2.5years) - exposing her to new experiences, growing her skills based on age appropriate development activities which you will plan, organising play dates so she is exposed to other children her age each day.

What we are looking for:
- ideally professional children's education qualifications (we really like Montessori type teachings) or studying to work with children
- French as a native language - also excellent proficiency in English, ideally bilingual as both Adeline and Xavier switch between the two languages a lot so you would need to understand both languages fluently
- kind natured
- patient
- loving and caring
- respectful
- creative and fun (!)
- for Adeline: someone who knows the skills a two year old needs to develop, and can create fun, creative, sensory etc activities, can make friends with other local nannies to organise play-dates with other children Adeline's age
- for Xavier: enjoys and will be active in role play games with Xavier, enjoys also 'calm' play to encourage focus and concentration
- experience (and enjoys) looking after 2 children at the same time
- experience with ages 2-5
- expert in child safety
- willing to uphold discipline rules we set in the ways we require (gentle, but firm), someone who respects children's feelings and discusses the feelings when children are misbehaving, rather than just telling off
- willing to cook healthy and nutritious meals, do clothes washing, empty dishwasher, light cleaning and ironing when Adeline is sleeping & Xavier is at school
- we feel passionately about no screens til after dinner for the children, so someone who will be creative and take initiative to create a stimulating environment for our children
- hours would be 8.15am-6pm as an average, but flexibility would be a bonus!