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Camille '' Ta douleur''

From 26/07/2006 at 06:00 to 30/08/2006 at 06:00

Camille '' Ta douleur''

Last year, she was the front-runner vocalist of Nouvelle Vague, with a solo studio album under her belt. Then she released 'Le Fil' to enormous acclaim in France.

Camille's voice is a 'once heard, never forgotten' experience. Her crystal clear vocals, by turn childlike, whimsical, quirky and pensive, have already induced comparisons with Bjork but her playful tones - sourced by turns from Gallic and African music's - are never less than her own. Writing about this comparison in the Observer Music Monthly, DJ Charlie Gillett says, "I prefer Camille whose experiments and emotional expression feels more natural and spontaneous and convincing" and Howard Male, writing in Songlines concurs: "Le Fil is a warmer and catchier entity than most of the Icelander's work".

For more info you can always check on:

Her new single "Ta douleur" will be released on 21st August
The video is available: Ta douleur

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