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Bastille Day

Where to celebrate Bastille Day in London

Many restaurants and bars in London have chosen to embrace Bastille Day and help celebrate this yearly event in style. This is not going to be any old Bastillle Day celebration; this is the day before the World Cup finale when France is to face Croatia. The French team is hoping to emulate their success of 1998 when they became world champions. Spirits will run high and this is banned to be one of the most exciting Bastille Day ever. Let's celebrate!



The Misanthrope by the Exchange Theatre

David Furlong’s staging of Le Misanthrope, probably Molière’s best and one of his most famous plays, uses a very interesting take on what has happened in the news over the last year or so. Between, Brexit, Donald Trump and the French elections, there was enough material there to show what was going wrong in our present society and why speaking the truth was more important than ever at a time when fake news and political lies have become the norm. FranceInLondon highly recommends - 5 stars