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New - Separation / Divorce find a mediator to help you reach an agreement

Family mediation allows couples going through the process of separation, or who are already separated or divorced, to reach an agreement on the consequences of their separation.
Based on a voluntary approach from the participants, it gives the time needed for each party to reflect and find the best way to come to terms with the separation. Through process, people in conflict can reach lasting and equitable agreements by themselves. If they so wish, these agreements may be approved by the Family Court in France.

Why find a paediatrician who speaks your native language?

There are a number of reasons why it is critical to ensure that the paediatrician you will chose for your child speaks your own language. Here are 5 of them that could convince you.
French school

Your child will be bilingual thanks to the “petites écoles FLAM”

Thirty years ago, Saturday schools that helped children learn French and become bilingual did not exist in the UK. What has changed since then ? The "petites écoles...

Children Day Camp

Et Patati Patata Fun French October Day Camp 100% French Fun !

Get your children to play, create and discover with Et Patati Patata. All of that will be done having fun in French. What better way than to spend their half term...


Les Bonnes Feuilles de Quentin Blake

In a special public appearance as part of the 20th South Ken Kids Festival, beloved illustrator and festival patron Quentin Blake will talk about his enthusiasm for...


Meet the artist - Alice von Maltzahn's exhibition - 25 October

At 7pm on Wednesday 5 October, Caravansérail will be welcoming the artist Alice von Maltzahn. Alice von Maltzahn’s work is an examination of the structures that...

Cabaret Night

Soirée Pompette

Pompette celebrate their anniversaire! For seven years they have been bringing you cabaret that reeks of camembert, vin rouge and bingo balls. Quel arôme! You...

French Gig in London

Jean-Michel Rotin live in London on 4 November

Jean-Michel Rotin will be in concert for the first time in London with Mr Nino & Omar ! He will present Jam Experience, a new concept who invites any musicians and...

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