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Londoniens sont top pour leur amour du vin

By Patricia Connell

Londoners come up trumps in wine survey


Brits are sitting on 164 million bottles of unopened wine in their homes, worth over £600 million, research from Love That Wine revealed. The survey, which looked into the wine habits of 1,500 British adults across the nation, discovered that the average household has seven bottles of unopened wine at home.

Londoners have come up trumps as one of the most wine-enthusiastic and knowledgeable regions in the UK. A quarter of Londoners had been on a wine tasting course or event and research shows it’s worth it, as half of Londoners are impressed if their date is well informed about wine.

Three quarters of Londoners say they try to find the right wine to go with their meal when entertaining guests and they spend a total of one working day each year picking the right bottle. Over half of Londoners favour a more expensive bottle over the house wine when dining in a restaurant. Additionally an astonishing 70 per cent of Londoners say it’s the man that gets the final say when choosing wine in public, even though women purchase more wine in general.

A spokesman for Love That Wine said: “We are delighted to discover that Londoners are such wine enthusiasts.  The website is the perfect tool for them to build on their thirst for wine.  It puts wine knowledge at their fingertips and helps build their wine repertoire with confidence. Love That Wine is the definitive website for London’s smart wine shoppers!”


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