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Alain Bashung

Victoires de la Musique 2009: Quand une génération en rencontre une autre...

By Joffre Agnes

The French Victoires de la Musique Awards took place on 28th February at the Zenith in Paris and were the prizes for the best French artists of the year were awarded. The selection included Yaël Naïm, Catherine Ringer, The Do, Moriarty, Francis Cabrel, Christophe Maé, Pep’s... but this year, the great winners were without a doubt Alain Bashung, Camille and Julien Doré.

Alain Bashung 


Alain Bashung
Alain Bashung

Alain Bashung was definitely the superstar this week end. He won three Victoires and three of the most prestigious ones. No less:

- Male artist of the year

- Popular music album of the year for "Bleu Pétrole"

- Best show of the year

Quite a triumph! As a result, Alain Bashung, 61, has now become the artist who has been the most awarded at the Victories de la Musique (11 awards since 1986). As Camille said, Alain Bashung proves that success and talent can last. This daddy rocker hasn't spoken his last yet: Since spring 2008, the French crooner has been giving extraordinary shows, he never the less seemed weekened and tired during the ceremony. Suffering from breast cancer, he had to cancel three concerts in the last few days. This week end, his whole career was celebrated and the least I can say is that he deserved all the standing ovations he got that night.




Camille was awarded best female artist of the year outstripping Anaïs, Yaël Naïm and Catherine Ringer... She seemed genuinely surprised by this since she was apparently convinced Catherine Ringer would win. And yet, Camille's "Music Hole" shows a key turning point in her career: accessible and mellifluous, yet boldly experimental, her new collaboration with percussion masters of the Brazilian band Barbatuques, Jamie Cullum on piano percussions and on beatboxing Sly Johnson “Da Beatboxologist” (from Saian Supa Crew), is a great achievement. A cross section of genres such as folk minimalism, French song, body percussions and gospel! Hailed for her live performances as well as for her outstanding voice, she has performed over 200 shows around the world and has definetly turned out to be one of the major artists of the French music scene. Or maybe  I should say of the international musical scene considering her success in the UK and all over the world... So who would dare to say she didn't deserve her award? Never the less, I have to say I'm quite disappointed Yaël Naïm didn't get anything whereas her album is simply brilliant... Well, I guess not everyone could win!

Julien Doré


Julien Doré
Julien Doré

This beautiful blond guy with a hair clip (in June 2007, he was voted number 1 in French Elle Magazine's "15 Sexiest Men" poll) strongly divides opinion but, this week end, he got the Victoire for  best revelation album of the year with his first one, "Ersatz" as well as one for best video-clip for "Les Limites".  He outstripped notably The Do and their outstanding album "A Mouthful". As far as I'm concerned, I'm not sure he is the one I would have picked... True, he is very original but I think the Do has been a revolution for the French rock scene. That's just my opinion though...


Rap is back



Rap-singer Seyfu has been awarded revelation of the year outstripping Julien Doré, Pep’s and The Do. Nice shot! Besides, it's rare that a rapper gets awarded in a category which is not specified as urban music. A pity since rappers are great artists in general. Seyfu, who became famous through his support slot at godlike genius NTM's show last year, managed to do it. 

Abd Al Malik
Abd Al Malik



Rapper - poet Abd Al Malik got a prize as well for his album "Dante" which turned out to be voted best urban music album. His latest album "Gibraltar" has already won four awards, including a Victoire but how could we get bored of it? It's such an original mix of hip-hop, slam poetry and French philosophy that I'm sure he is about to win other awards...

Baby rockers rule

BB Brunes
BB Brunes

The young BB Brunes outstripped Micky Green, Moriarty and The Do as Scenic revelation of the year. Icons of the new teen Parisian Rocking scene, the three boys released their first album "Blonde comme moi" in 2006, whilst they were still in high school. A huge success and with good reason: lyrics about teenagers' uneasiness, blazing melodies, fashion style, the BB Brunes are made to succeed. An older and wiser listener might criticise them for the slightly shallow nature of their music, but this does not seem to hinder their success...Well, this award looks like a recognition as the French rock revival. I have to say, I prefer to consider them a temporary fashion phenomenon and I would have been glad to Moriarty receive the prize instead ... Maybe next year? 


Johnny Halliday

Johnny Halliday
Johnny Halliday

Not one to be forgotten, superstar Jonnhy Halliday got a "Victoire d'Honneur" in tribute of his long lasting career.



Let's have a look at the whole list of awards!   

Male artist of the year :
Alain Bashung

Female artist of the year :

Revelation of the year :

Popular music album of the year
Alain Bashung : Bleu Pétrole

Pop-rock album of the year :
Arthur H : L’Homme du monde

Original song of the year :
Thomas Dutronc : Comme un manouche sans guitare

Electronic artist of the year :
Martin Solveig

Album-revelation of the year :
Julien Doré : Ersatz

Scenic revelation of the year :
BB Brunes

Urban music album of the year :
Abd Al Malik : Dante

World's music album of the year :
Rokia Traoré : Tchatmantché

Best show of the year :
Alain Bashung

Clip video of the year  :
Julien Doré : Les Limites

Musical DVD of the year  :
Vanessa Paradis : Divinidylle tour


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