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Gagnants des Jeux Concours du 1er Avril au 12 Mai 2010

By No author

Please note that we have an automated system on our website which draws the winners for us once we closed the competition. If someone is unable to attend or has not answered within the time limit, then a new winner is automatically drawn using the same system. We have no play in who wins and it is therefore possible  for the same lucky person to win more than once in the same month.

5 DVDs of MR 73 with Daniel Auteuil

Monica Dimarco
Jeremy Leys
Leon Nock
Irene Julian
Pauline Byrne

A pair of tickets to be won for Partager, Jazz Festival

Gurmit Sahota

Tickets for Agnes Varda Season at the BFI

Christiana Ning
Karine Stephan
Ali Abbas

A pair of tickets to see Largo Winch with Kristin Scott-Thomas at Cine Lumiere

Anna Brickel

Two pairs of tickets for MR 73 at Cine Lumiere

Steven Haw
Christina Ning

2 pairs of Tickets for Babylon Circus at Dingwalls on 28th April

Lindsey Townend
Dominique Guillot

3 copies of Vigo on DVD

June Jowers
Nathalie Debono
Emilie Berron

2 pairs of tickets for SAGAN on the 26th of April

Katherine Malabanan
Pamela Gelie

3 DVDs of OSS 117: Lost in Rio

Chris Fox
Franck Davidson
Les Warriner

5 DVDs of Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno

Ingrid King
Sonia Richardson
I. Panagopoulos
Jodie Upton
Claude Hammon

2 x pairs of tickets for 'Give me your Hand'

Andrew Ashmore
Emily Ochoa

5 pairs of tickets to be won for My Life as Charlie Winston

Nicole Castellani
Marie-Helene Kerr
Raphaelle Gourve
Emile Odoit
Jeremy Leis

2 pairs of Tickets to be won for Sandrine with Dieudonné

Hermine Evina
Alice de Lamaze


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