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Des Jumeaux à L’Elysée ?

By Connell Rebecca

Are the rumours true? Is Carla really hiding a growing tum-tum behind her coyly-draped shawl? The first lady of France is certainly enjoying a little game of cat and mouse with journalists over the subject...


The former super model has taken to hiding her usually slim figure in increasingly baggy clothes...
The former super model has taken to hiding her usually slim figure in increasingly baggy clothes...

Front page news: "Carla Expecting!", promptly followed by "First Lady tight-lipped over pregnancy rumours...", and shortly after "Twins at the Elysee!".

This is the latest news in the Bruni-Sarkozy Saga. Four years on and the presidential couple's fit-for-Hollywood romance still has France's tabloids enraptured.


The photo that seemed to confirm the rumours
The photo that seemed to confirm the rumours

Indeed, Voici, a Paris weekly magazine claims the 43-year-old First Lady 'won’t be able to keep her bump hidden for much longer.' Having been spotted covering her stomach with a shawl and wearing increasingly baggy clothing, the former super-model was asked whether she was finally expecting her first child with President Nicolas Sarkozy (who is now 56).
In this interview with Le Parisien, the First Lady did not deny she was with child and instead delivered a rambling explanation as to why she wished to keep her condition a secret:

'It’s kind to have asked. If you’ll permit me, I won’t answer all these questions about my family.'

'I also have a little boy – I don't answer questions about my little boy. If we were both at a café, I would tell you frankly.'

When pressed further she continued,

'Why won’t I tell you? I'll tell you: Around 180 per cent of the time my husband is dealing with his country.  He only talks about that. He does nothing else. He's obsessed by that. Unfortunately for me, fortunately for everybody else!'

'Then me, I speak about something, it takes precedence over everything he does. I would certainly like to talk to you, woman to woman, about my family life, about my personal dreams, details about certain things.'

“I’d love to talk to you woman to woman about my family life, my personal dreams – and I’m a really chatty person. But on this subject I’m going to keep quiet,” Carla told a journalist recently, when asked about the rumoured pregnancy.

If the pregnancy news is true, the birth is perfectly timed for the begining of Sarkozy's presidential campaign for the May 2012 elections... cynical, us?

Can babies win elections? That remains to be seen: all I can say is, considering his current popularity stakes, maybe sarko should start praying for triplets...Well, good luck to the couple either way, and to their (for now) hypothetical babies. As long as they have her height and his, er... charm?


09/07/2011 - casaccount a dit :

Yup, that'll do it. You have my appecriation.


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