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Amaury Vassili

Eurovision 2011 : le 'sognu' d'Amaury Vassili

By Matthieu Boisseau

Eurovision has a reputation for being a bit old-fashioned, with all its pop and disco hits sung by anonymous and eccentric candidates. However, some countries sometimes choose to take risks to differentiate themselves and to win the jury's heart.


This is the case of France this year, as 22 year-old long-haired opera star Amaury Vassili will represent the country at Eurovision 2011. He will perform the song Sognu (the dream), whose lyrics are delivered in the Corsican language.



Even if recent attempts to bring opera to Eurovision have failed to hit the heights, this effort could really pay off as the song is one of the bookies' favourites.


In your opinion : can he be the first French artist to win Eurovision since Marie Myriam's 'L'oiseau et l'enfant' in 1977 ?


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