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French Olympic team

Quelles sont les chances de médailles pour la France aux Jeux Olympiques de Londres?

By Miranda Perez

With the Olympics just around the corner, France are getting ready to support their prized athletes, hoping for many to get that spot at the top of the podium and stand proud with La Marseillaise playing at full pelt. The French Olympic team will have a great opportunity to win multiple medals in cycling, canoing, kayaking, and judo events. The odds however that France will finish in the top 5 in the medal count are very slim, but many are predicting for them to win about 10-15 gold, silver, and bronze medals and have a total medal count of around 35-40. A medal count in this range would put them at near 6th or 7th place on the medal table.

France's Sprint Cycling Predictions

In men's team sprint cycling, France will contend with Germany and Great Britain for gold. Rider numbers are being restricted for the London Olympics and as William Fotheringham of the Guardian reported, this has led to "some bizarre anomalies but the French team selection has a surreal look to it". France has a strong chance of winning gold in the men's team sprint, but determining who will win between the French, Brits, and the Germans is anyone's guess since all three teams are fairly evenly matched. In addition to the team sprint, keep your eyes peeled for Gregory Bauge to compete for gold in the men's sprint and Clara Sanchez to get a bronze or possibly silver in women's track.

Swimming and Basketball Predictions

Although France has NBA all-star point guard Tony Parker on their team as well as NBA player Boris Diaw, they still don't have a very good chance of winning a medal. Parker was also injured in a 79-74 warm up game win with Great Britain. As ESPN reported, Parker has been "struggling with an eye injury" and is unsure if he will be fully healthy by the time the Olympic games start. The odds the France will win a bronze are probably as steep as rolling a double zero in roulette.

In swimming, France will likely win several medals. According to Pinnacle Sports, Alain Bernard has close to Top line bet roulette odds of winning gold in the 50m and 100m men's freestyle. Also, they give France 5 to 1 odds of winning a gold in the 4x100 relay and about 4 to 1 odds of winning gold in the 4x200 relay. Also, be sure to watch out for Camille Lacourt who has a very good chance of winning gold in the 100m backstroke. Lacourt's teammate, Jeremy Stravius, will likely finish right behind Lacourt and win the silver.

Other Gold Medal Contenders

Other legitimate gold medal contenders for France include Teddy Riner, who could win gold in the 100+ Kg Judo event, but will face stiff competition from other competitors. In women's Judo, Lucie Decosse could also grasp that gold medal but faces some top-notch competition as well. In Taekwondo, Anne Caroline Graff has very good odds of taking home the gold. Jouris Doudet and Magalie Pottier could both bring home gold in men's and women's BMX as well. Additionally, see the below list of France's best gold medal contenders and the odds that they will bring home gold for France.

Men's Swimming: Camille Lacourt (100m backstroke) 1:1,

Alain Bernard (50m & 100m freestyle) 7:1,

4x100 team relay 4:1, 4x200 team relay, 4:1

BMX: Jouris Doudet 3:1, Magalie Pottier 5:1

Kayaking 200m: Hybois/Jouve 3:1

Canoing: Tony Estanguet (slalom) 4:1

Cycling: Mens Team Sprint: 5:1, Gregory Bauge, 3:1

Equestrian: Team Jumping: 9:1

Men's Handball: 2:1

Women's Handball: 4:1

Judo : Teddy Riner 1:2, Lucie Decosse 5:1

Taekwondo: Anee Caroline Graff 4:1

Pole Vault: Renaud Lavillenie 8:1


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