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Picard Frozen Food / Picard Surgelés

   Picard Frozen Food / Picard Surgelés

Les surgelés Picard sont de retour au Royaume-Uni après une absence de 13 ans. En 2003, Picard avait tenté de rentrer sur le marché britannique mais malheureusement sans vraiment trouver la formule magique. Il semblerait que cette fois, Ocado leur donne une chance de réussir. 

La gamme de produits est encore limitée mais on y retrouve quelques-uns des produits phares de chez Picard, par exemple, ceux pour l'apéritif ou encore les desserts.

Cela ne devrait pas être long avant que la gamme ne s'étoffe.

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16/02/2019 - Katherinemeats80 a dit :

The dessert I bought at ocado has a use by date 20/3/07 I have queried this ,is it an American notation ? If not it is older than my freezer.

24/10/2016 - patriciaconnell a dit : note * * * * *

Picard is back!!!|20000|29352|166712

14/10/2016 - Stanmag a dit :

Picard food is back! Just found them, distributed by Ocado now

10/02/2016 - scherrak a dit :

please picard come back to london is a huge market over here for your company
just stranlate your product and come back every french in london miss picard
here we have frenchclick chanteroy ecttt just come back but with the idea of offering all your product not just a selection that why i think did not work couples years ago come back

28/09/2015 - maria.harrington7 a dit :

Dear Madam Picard. We have just returned from a holiday in St Laurent du Var, and are sad that we had to leave Picard behind. I cannot praise the quality of the food we ate and so wish you would consider opening up a store here in Windsor in the UK. I am a good cook, but I would certainly welcome a few days break enjoying Picard foods, which I have to say are gastronomy at it's highest standard. I am sure that in a place like Windsor your shop would succeed. Thank you.

08/04/2015 - hang.bannon a dit :

Dear Madam Picard
Would you please re open your business in London, even one shop is better than nothing! I will work for you if you need my help because I love your food soooooo much.

21/01/2015 - sarah.micciche a dit :

I am part of the grieving French contingent in London who misses her Picard shop so much.. I have written to Picard Customer Relations in the past and again today... It is a mistery to me why they closed down their operation in London and have not been back. They would be overwhelmed with demand rather than anything else! Picard, please open up a shop in London, we need you!!! Meanwhile, I am considering a daytrip to Calais to go get some stock...

05/01/2015 - marian a dit :

I would like to learn more about your franchises. I fell in love with Picard...

28/12/2014 - iman_sibai a dit :

Dear Madame Picard,
first of all happy and peaceful holidays to you and the whole family Picard !

I am moving to London in a short time. I wish sincerely you open a little Picard store (one at least please !!) in London ?! :)

How am I to survive without you in London, my dear Madame Picard ?!

Best wishes and looking forward meeting you soon in London !

Iman from Paris to London

06/06/2014 - rgorash a dit :

Pouvons nous trouver des produits Picard surgeles, comme des glaces par exemple, a Montreal ?

12/03/2014 - cairnswist a dit :

i have just returned from France and Picard is a wonderful shop. There seems to be nothing like it in the uk, please open some shops here!

08/03/2014 - rkristoffer94 a dit :

PLEASE OPEN A PICARD IN LONDON -- Miss it so so much from France!!

24/01/2014 - kimjim a dit :

Still no Picard???
I'm a Supply Chain Consultant, and done that case quite few times, seriously the labelling isssue is a no brainer. You supply model was wrong!
I'll help you for Free but I want my PICARD!!!!

06/09/2012 - a dit : note * * * * *


I live in paris, Picard is everywhere, which is nice, I have 0,2min away from my flat :D

now I tried to find Picard's shop in london as my gf is a big fan of their food there. I finaly came across the delivery service they do in london, my Gf lives in the center (zone 1) and can be delivered.

they ammount of arguments and reason for opening a picard (just one...) in london are overwhelming and picard, could grow exponentialy not only in the UK but in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Lux, Ger... (EU)

Why has no investment of such nature have been made already?

Given the increasingly international nature of our economies and societies as well as the important labour transfers (FR --> UK, BE, GER, etc..) London being the 8 city in world with the most french right after people (right after Montpelier) is good start to put a shop there)

and as a collateral effect you'll have the food enthusiasts shopping there.

03/12/2011 - robertilango a dit :

I wanted to buy some buche de noel ?!

i will have to ask my mother to import some from Paris .....

07/11/2011 - isabelletilden a dit :

Sadly I was one of the last clients of Picard in London and have been hoping for it to return ever since.... Yes, a shop (or two) in London would be a good idea, yes translated items and more delivery vans are required.... All these poor French people longing for their favourite frozen chain! WE want Picard in North London and South Kensington and all these places where they live...Do your market research and BRING BACK PICARD!!!

08/09/2011 - manonchiari a dit :

Please please please bring picard back to the uk this is an excellent idea and would do brilliantly for those who want quick easy good quailty meals!!
With the correct marketing this could be a gold mine!
the french are onto something big!!!

09/08/2011 - jyr19 a dit :

Dissappointed but not surprised.The delivery driver had great difficulty finding us and got stuck in a jam for hours.
Please Please Carrefour Auchan & Prisunic look again at coming to London which despite all apparences is a FOOD DESERT.Carrefour WE know your Southampton store closed in 1973 and was opposed by the council and vested interests.Your staff policies and lines are superb.We are now getting Tescos looted and run by morons.Tesco shut in Calais cos they tried the same game.Delhaize too pleae come to England and employ the same type of wonderful madamasoilles!Sorry our Current staff dont speak French but the customers do.
Otherwise 3 million Brits will have to continue making tiring day trips!

25/05/2011 - souris344 a dit :

please we want Picard back in london!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04/01/2011 - delacroixch a dit :

It is a real shame that picard stopped trading in London! as there is nothing equivalent neither in value nor in quality on the british market. For once the french could have had a real niche specially as there are so many french people living in london nowadays!!!!!

28/03/2010 - chenot6 a dit :

your market should be adapted to the market
how come your competition ( fleurimont frozen dish
expand ) they most do something right
you shall be aware of the players
and make a market research .
when i was in Paris i thouht about your company
my experience tells me that your sales people shall be
agressive like U.S.A
my background in Europe market export history
after six month a two years agreement of 2 millions cdn $ was sign
if you are interest to follow up
send me yours comments
as you already know ( yes we can )
Alain Chenot from France living in Montreal Quebec Canada

07/02/2010 - patriciaconnell a dit :

Sadly Picard closed their business in London a few years ago after they tried to enter the English market without opening shops but simply with poor phone/fax orders and a limited amount of vans to deliver around London thus only delivering in a limited number of London Boroughs.
They soon realised that to enter the British market they would need to increase their investment and translate all their packs which at that time were all in French.
Because the frozen food market was dramatically decreasing in value at the time, the decision was taken to pull out all together.


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