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Jean-Michel Brun Ltd

   Jean-Michel Brun Ltd

Établi depuis 20 ans au centre de Londres, Jean Michel Brun Ltd offre un service complet de rénovation pour votre maison: Intérieurs beaux et raffinés, cuisines et salles de bains sur mesure, créations d’ébénisterie réalisées à la main, planchers en bois massif et tous types de sols. Bibliothèques, armoires, bureaux. Boiseries néo classiques avec éclairages, intégrant de nouvelles technologies sur demande. Peintures de haute qualité, patines, fresques murales. Éclairages uniques, isolation sonique et thermique, bâtiment, sous-sols, vérandas, chill outs et jardins urbains.
Un professionnel avec plus de 30 ans d’expérience, Jean-Michel Brun est spécialisé en architecture d’intérieure, rénovations, ébénisterie et création de meubles uniques. Avec un personnel entraîné, qu’il supervise lui-même sur le chantier, Jean Michel Brun comprend le marché de l’immobilier à Londres et excelle à augmenter non seulement la beauté mais aussi la valeur de votre propriété tout en restant dans votre budget. Il supervise lui meme chaque projet. L'attention aux details et un travail de qualité distinguent tout son travail.

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1 Rosary Gardens - South Kensington -
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0207 373 0332/07760284880
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South Kensington
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22/02/2017 - delavigneharvey a dit : note * * * * *

We used this company to renovate our house in Chelsea recently and we could not be happier with the work carried out by Jean Michel Brun and his team. They are professional, hardworking, reliable, clean and very efficient. Mr Brun's work is outstanding, particularly his wood work. His designs are clever and innovative. The new kitchen was well designed and crafted. Our house now feels new and beautiful, and it has increased in value considerably with this renovation. We recommend this company highly, have nothing negative to say about this kind gentleman and his team.

22/01/2016 - serenadavidsong a dit : note * * * * *

Full marks to Jean Michel Brun and his team (did not do this in my previous email)

22/01/2016 - davidsonserenag a dit :

We recommend Jean Michel Brun and his team. Recently they refurbished our property in Notting Hill and we could not be happier with the results. Their wood work is outstanding, especially the oak panelling Jean Michel has created in the living room and the study, breathtaking. We went for contemporary bathrooms and a very functional kitchen, all white. Clever storage solutions and maximisation of the overall space in every room. Works have taken over a year, a bit more than expected but the result is astonishing. Very professional service, and this gentleman is reliable, highly creative and reliable. Thanks for transforming our property into a lovely home.

22/10/2012 - habsburgcharles a dit : note * * * * *

Jean Michel Brun Ltd came highly recommended as he beautifully renovated some relatives hotel in London. He and his team refurbished our house in Manresa Road four years ago. We could not be happier with the final result, lovely work, very advanced design and marvellous bespoke furniture and wood panelling in the double living room. The roof garden and new bathrooms also outstanding. Works were delayed by a month though but, all in all, they did a brilliant work.

22/10/2012 - inesdesaintmichel a dit : note * * * * *

Great company. Jean Michel Brun Ltd helped us renovating our flat entirely in South Kensington two years ago. He and his team were very professional. Initial estimated was realistic and we did not have to pay additional costs. Our flat is now extremely beautiful and has increased in price considerably since, due to a strong market and to these high quality works. Highly recommended as probably one of the best interior architects in London.

22/10/2012 - yvonne.ciel a dit : note * * * * *

This gentle man and his professional team beautifully refurbished our house in Fulham. Outstanding work. No complaints. Our property increades by almost thirty per cent shortly afterwards. Thank you Mr Brun and team.

21/10/2012 - palmerhaguejames a dit :

Just want to confirm that Jean Michel Brun Ltd indeed refurbished our property brilliantly and that we dont regret it in the least, quite the contrary. My wife sent the review to France in London and, I must clarify that she is not Mr Brun's wife but Mrs Palmer Hague, both are Spaniards and just happened to have the same first name.

19/10/2012 - santiago a dit : note * * * * *

Mr Brun and his team refurbished our house in Chelsea recently, four floors, roof terrace and a private back garden and the quality of the work is outstanding. Time wise, they were only one wheel late and they stuck to the original budget. We highly recommend Jean Michel Brun Ltd, their work is fabulous.

27/02/2012 - macarena a dit : note * * * * *

what a marvelous company! They refurbished our place in Chelsea last year and we are thrilled with the results, we mixed classic and contemporary and their work was subime, efficient and highly skilled. Very high quality for money, We recommend Jean Michel Brun Ltd and their amazing work. Mrand Mrs Palmer - Hague

26/02/2012 - macarena a dit :

I highly recommend this company. Jean Michel Brun Ltd refurbished my house completely and the result was outstanding. They are very professional, serious, skilled, create beautiful interiors and the value of my property doubled in six months, simply amazing! Mrs Mellon, London.


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