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Triple Agent

Triple Agent

acteurs : Katerina Didaskalu, Serge Renko, Cyrielle Claire, Grigori Manukov

année : 2004

couleur : oui

interdit : U

réalisateur : Eric Rohmer

durée : 115

"Archival newsreel footage from a few years prior to World War 2 establish the political and social context in which a ‘White Russian’ Army officer and his Greek refugee wife live their lives in Paris before and during the Nazi occupation. Fiodor’s political alliances however remain uncertain. In fact, even his wife Arsinoe suspects him of being a Nazi sympathiser. Spying and duplicity, we learn, are as dependent on human nature as technology. Erudite, as all of Rhomer’s work is and with a detailed and densely layered script, TRIPLE AGENT is not an easy film to describe. Its pacing is measured, to be sure, but the slow increment of tension and intrigue grips the viewer in a fashion unique to its utterly remarkable director – Eric Rhomer." (Curzon Mayfair)


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