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Parfums artisanaux de Grasse.

Fragonard est distribuée par les commerces suivants


03/08/2017 - Hazelwnorbury a dit :

I posted an order 3 weeks ago from your catalogue as yet parcel has not arrived . I have had many orders in the recent past from my favourite perfumer .

14/02/2017 - josiane a dit :

I will be in London for a short stay in April and wish to purchase Fragonard Belle de Nuit 120mls spray Parfum. Can you please let me know if that is possible and the costs involved.
Kind regards,
Josiane Turner

17/05/2016 - bridgette_couch a dit :

Where can I buy etoile pour Noel I originally got it from m&s but no longer available

23/04/2016 - maxine.minidog a dit :

It looks like M + S sell Fragonard perfume + soaps

01/09/2015 - jenifermathers a dit :

Where can I buy Fragonard perfumes in the UK?

11/06/2014 - gemmaf1 a dit :

Cologne & Cotton sell Fragonard and have done for many years

21/05/2014 - Michael.a.payne777 a dit :

Please note, Fortnum & Mason no longer stock Fragonard perfumes

24/05/2012 - rhf36 a dit :

Hi Leonora I have the Fragonard perfumes and can get u the napkins if u want let me know Robert

12/12/2010 - chocbolo a dit :

Does Fortnum & Mason sell Fragonard Belle de Nui perfume and how much?

10/03/2010 - lorlytwynam a dit :

I had dinner at a friend's house last night and she had these wonderful napkins embroidered with different drinks - mojito, tequilla etc made by Fragonard. Do you know where I can find some. Many thanks. Leonora


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