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Linges de maison et tissus de Provence.

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08/09/2017 - lee_anneg a dit :

Do you still have a shop in London? can you please send me the address.
Do you still stock the handbags that princess Diana purchased
I tried to buy a handbag on line but it just kept on circiling so Iam unsure that it went though can you check on this

28/10/2015 - cheryl a dit :

I am looking for a bed quilt by Souleiado 240 x260 cm Dessin XVIII 399E I would appreciate it if you could find me one.

24/01/2012 - barbaragillanders a dit :

I am looking for 'La Tremontane' a Souleiado fabric with a bright blue background. The design on the blue is a white leaf like design with a small red flower. I need to locate about 20 yds of the fabric.
If you can assist I would be very appreciative.


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