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GAS Bijoux

   GAS Bijoux


GAS Bijoux est distribuée par les commerces suivants


08/09/2014 - kremerelana a dit :

Is it possible to order Gas Jewellery online for delivery in Johannesburg, South Africa

22/04/2012 - penny.rickman a dit : note * * * * *

The Gas boutique in Westfield has closed & although the concierge at Westfield told me that it is now available at Selfridges, this isn't so.

The Sanderson Hotel shop no longer sell it either.

I think the only way to buy it is to go to Paris! Or on line!

23/04/2011 - elise a dit :

There is a new GAS store just opened in London Westfield shopping Centre. Ground floor, Atrium.
The telephone number is: 0208 749 4329
Email address is:

12/11/2010 - alockheart a dit :

I phoned Gas Bijoux in Paris, ordered a pair of earrings over the phone and paid for them and never got them. I suggest you don't fall for that one.

05/05/2010 - rakshack a dit :

is there a gas store in london

21/11/2009 - jackieharmon a dit :

I am in love with GAS Bijoux. Is there a way to purchase on line?
Thank you

11/11/2009 - terrynewf a dit :

I would like to see a catalogue of the Gas Bijoux jewellery and also find out if there is a way to purchase it online as we only get a minimum choice in South Africa


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