TBS est une marque française spécialisée dans les vêtements et accessoires de sport.

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15/09/2016 - gilly.merrick a dit :

Am looking to replace a pair of knee length walking shorts bought in the Pyrenees south of Toulouse a few years ago. Label says TBS, designed in France, made in Morocco. Current pair are a size 42. Would try new ones in 44. Help please?

08/12/2015 - jsnixon09 a dit :

can you let me know please if the tbs ladies rinesa dune shoes have leather on the insole and also the tbs veluta bitumen.


j nixon

06/08/2015 - viviencarroll a dit :

Looking for tbs women's boat shoes size 5 colour like pale salmon, leather with white laces, brand tbsseen in Spain recently August 2015 in name of les marinaries .

28/05/2014 - helenandrod a dit :

Travelling to London, want some store names and addresses that sell TBS footwear (sports shoe for walking).

20/10/2012 - mariedemartigny a dit :

Desperatedly trying to find another pair of shorts white womens which I bough in Bayeux a year ago under the TBS brand. However can find nothing online any ideas?


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