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L'Artiste Musclé

   L'Artiste Musclé

Very small place (4 or 5 tables) that is very busy even at lunch time. The location is charming and worth the detour through the small streets, away from traffic. You can have a Soupe de Poissons for £3 or Moules-Frites for £9.50. Other meals available are Magret de Canard or Saucisse de Toulouse for around £10.

Business detail

1 Shepherd Market
0871 3327778
Closest tube
Green Park
Opening Hours
Open 7 days a week from 12.00-3.00pm for lunch, and 6.00-11.00pm for dinner
  • outdoor dinning
  • Smoking
  • Late Night


05/03/2015 - bruce-e-losis said :

I like it. Been going for years. So has the restaurant.

27/02/2012 - snug-safetouch said : mark * * * * *

Ce restaurant n'est pas Français, il sert de mauvaises boites de conserves des vins bouchonnés. Escargots surcuit qui nagent dans le beurre, cassoulet en boite, tarte tatin rance, vin bouchonné, tout est faux. Ce restaurant devrait fermé Une honte à la cuisine Française. Le patron est anglais seul le serveur est français pour donner le change.

27/02/2012 - phl.benoit said :

L'artiste Musclé is a BOGUS french restaurant.This is probably London's worst restaurant. The owner an Englishman has apparently been getting away with ripping off the general public for decades. Some have commented on how small the kitchen was well it is big enough to open second rate french tin food bought cheaply in Calais and passing it off as freshly cooked. The only French person was the waiter cleverly employed to give the illusion of authenticity. The wine is awful too . keep clear of this place, its owner should be put to the pillory. He is a CON ARTIST that serve tin food and reject bottles of wine.


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